What are you doing for Christmas 2022

Come on then

Whats everyones plans for this Xmas?

We are spending a few nights in a hotel, for the first time ever over Xmas, as we head to the in-laws up in Sunderland.
Looking forward to walking along the beach Xmas morning and heading back to the hotel bar in the evening.

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Haven’t planned that far ahead yet

Off to Denmark to see my parents for Christmas and then Florida to see my girlfriends family for NYE


Christmas is banned until December thems the rules


Christmas starts when the John Lewis ad rolls out


Less drinking and spending then usual I reckon. Will play the role of trying to make it feel magic for young family members who are still wrapped up in the Christmas excitement.

Down to Devon to stay with my family for a week or so, then off to Germany for the new year.

Will go out for lunch on the day and around it just chill and neck a load of cider.

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Making a list of all the OA poster’s houses to rob now they’ve told me they’ll be away for Christmas


Alright, Harry and Marv


Will you miss the Boxing day game? @Invincibles

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Probably be at the beach :sunglasses::sunglasses:

Working, might sound like a miserable cunt but I cant stand it :joy:


Going to my Aunties Christmas Day, but very little time off around that this festive period.

Typical Swedish Christmas at my parents… we light candles on the tree, have smörgåsbord, and ham, play Swedish Christmas songs and it takes 5-6 hours… its amazing.

I do like a Scandinavian Christmas, so much better than how we do it here.

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Unfortunately yes, I was hoping they would move it but it wasnt to be

My wife hasnt had Xmas with her family for years, so had to bite the bullet and commit to going.
Thankfully it gives my mate a chance to take his little girl so every cloud…

Fishing for me . A nice simple quiet Christmas with time to reflect . Nothing fancy .


Was in the barbers tonight and they had the xmas music video channel on their TV lol :rofl:

Just ask for a trim in that case and get the f*** outta there :laughing: