West Ham vs Arsenal (PL)

They’re up against Frankfurt. Not Leipzig.

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Going by what I am seeing in this Chelsea match, it doesn’t look like they are interested to spend much energy

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Looking forward to Contes tears over this.

They won’t.

Do they still have the dude that sacked Emery?

Kamada, yes they do. He got an assist Vs Barca.


This is another big game . Ignore the Chelsea and Man Utd result . These are gone .
We go again against the hammers .


So who will the west ham CB pairing be ???

Danny Dyer and Ray Winstone


This has made me laugh more than it should


Given that we lost games we should have won on paper and won games we probably should have lost on paper, this could really go either way. Our last two results give us the form and the confidence to go there and win. The fact they have to play us in between their semi final matches also goes in our favour.

Spurs dropping points against Brentford was massive and if they don’t pick up all 3 points against Leicester in the earlier game, it takes the pressure off for us. It won’t be an easy game but I’m going for a narrow win.


I think there is a chance that Zouma could be back by then, don’t know about the other

They’ll be organized and annoying and work hard against us. See a draw here, but hoping for 3 points to keep this run going.

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Seems kind of unlikely. There have been rumors about both him and Diop being out for the season and Moyes has sort of rejected that idea, saying Zouma is reponding well to treatment and he doesn’t want to put a time frame on his recovery. Its hard to square all that with Zouma coming back as soon as next weekend.

Even if Rice isn’t rested they might be forced into playing him at CB, good news for us either way

Saka looking at this like :eyes:

Defensive issues solved

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Any player just coming back from an injury, who knows they could be playing in a European final, isn’t going to risk a further injury in a PL match.

Moyes knows this so I doubt either of then will start against us and, even if they do, he’ll tell them to take it easy. :grinning:

I think “light work” in that context is more like riding the bike or touching the ball for the first time since the injury.

Nothing really suggested either were in contention to play this weekend.


Well, guess I was dead wrong about Zouma, who is in the lineup against Frankfurt.

Hopefully they don’t want to play him against us as well coming back so quickly from injury.


Didn’t see ESR and Saka in the training video but I’ve seen some report that Saka did get involved.