West Ham vs Arsenal (PL) 0-6

West Ham vs Arsenal

:stadium: London Stadium
:calendar: Sunday 2024-02-11T14:00:00Z
:soccer: Premier League


  • West Ham win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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We owe West Ham a win after the home loss, Cup exit and last seasons draw. Rice needs to step up in the match and show them what they are missing.


This is honestly a massive game. West Ham have been horrendous so I’d imagine there is huge pressure on them to get something.

Funnily enough. It’s the same situation as last time. Came off a big performance and good result against Liverpool and then went on to lose against West Ham out of nowhere and set us back in the title race.

Hope the lads are angry about how the last 3 games went against them. Need to serve some humble pie to this guy and make that Liverpool result count.

West Ham in shit form
Arsenal on decent form
Just made a statement win

Yeah this has got West Ham 2-0 all over it


You just know we are gonna totally balls this up. We go stuff Liverpool yaaaaay only to get a beat down by sodding Moysey.

(Edit: Again wrong thread, fuck me, I’m drunk)


Theo still rocking that 00s fat tie knot look, someone have a word.

Giroud doesnt look a day older than his 2014 version. Walcott and Flim Flam look like grandpas tho

Has to be three points. I voted draw.

We have six matches until the international break and this should be the toughest one given how crap Newcastle and Chelsea have been.

Realistically we need to win them all to have a shot at the title because after that its a trip to the Etihad and a fairly brutal run in.

The fuck, why are we playing them so soon?

Well atleast Paqueta is out.

Get ready for a Moyes defensive master class.
He’s possibly the only manager of a decent club in the PL that will set his team up to defend in front of his own supporters.

This is why so many of them want him sacked because they see minnows like Luton taking the game to the opposition yet despite all the spending they’ve made, West Ham are so boring.

Trossard or Martinelli - Havertz - Nelson

Rice - Jorginho - Odegaard


Everyone knows what West Ham will do. We shouldn’t play into their hands.

Why not both Trossard & Martinelli if Saka’s out?

Saks should be fine per Arteta.

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Owe these fuckers big time.

I want a Rice hat trick followed by Arteta subbing on Elneny just to blast a free kick into Bowen’s face.

I don’t care if we actually end up dropping points, being pessimistic about this game after today’s result and performance is seriously flaccid.

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Trossard on the right? Didn’t consider it tbh. And if Saka is fit, he’ll start there anyway.


An issue in our previous game against West Ham was going wide too early. It led us down a very predictable path. Hopefully Arteta has a plan to keep that from happening.

I watched them play United today and they were absolutely shameful. They just laid down and let United do whatever they wanted.

100% they won’t do us the same curtesy. Moyes will have eleven men inside their penalty box for the entirety of regulation time.