West Ham vs Arsenal (CC) 3-1

West Ham vs Arsenal

:stadium: London Stadium
:calendar: Wednesday 2023-11-01T19:30:00Z
:soccer: Carabao Cup
:tv: Sky Sports


  • West Ham win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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Will we have a rare Cedric appearance in this one seeing as White and Zinchenko could both do with a rest. Gabriel to partner Kiwior in the middle.

I think we see a lot of backups, West Ham take it seriously and get the win.

Would like to see us lift this bastard at some point but a couple less games in early jan wouldn’t hurt the PL campaign.

Trossard Havertz Nelson
Vieira Jorginho ESR
Tomi Kiwior Gabriel Cedric

Give all the regulars a rest after Gabriel had his yesterday


That’s a good 11, that I’d expect to win tbh

I’d start Eddie

Bloody hope not. Why did you even bring him up? I had forgotten he was a thing.

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Start Saka :henry2:

Our B team is competitive enough.
Adding a couple of first 11 should win it.

I want to win this cup.

----------------------El Nenny-------------------


Zinchenko had a rest last week and White against Lens. They should be good for the rest of the season.


With Man City and Spurs already out and Newcastle and Man United to play one another, it’s one of the likeliest cups we can win.


For me the team should be:

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Has Trossard ever played on the right for us?

A few times, yeah. He has predominantly played on the left and through the centre though.

Let Nelson play, he is good enough for CC.
Kiwior has to play, also ESR and Vieira.

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Will be at this one but in the Hammers end :woozy_face:

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Keep thinking the game is tonight

I just woke up early for it thinking it was today ffs

Hard to predict this one.

1-2. Rice winner