West Ham United

I think the tactical level of teams in the league is the highest it’s ever been. Less and less managers can just rely on having better players to pull through most the time.

It’s no surprise that Rodgers and Moyes are nowhere despite having plenty at their disposal.

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sacked in the morning

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What a cheeky cunt. Your gone mate.


Haha but what else can he say. Literal shit show.

The relegation battle is a who is worst scenario this season. Could be any of 8 teams.


What did you give tl West Ham?

A EL qualification for which you had a free run at the trophy and botched it against Frankfurt? :clown_face:

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What a nightmare season this mob are having

I’d say that’s literally what the relegation battle is every season, by definition :grin:

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if he does get sacked then he can at least be proud of what he achieved in recent years with them

You’re right, but I think it’s the amount of teams involved this time that’s notable. Usually by now one or two are already doomed and often a team goes down despite doing Ok. They are all shit right now.


I got what you were going for, was just being a bit of a silly dick, as is my wont

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Which was what?

They knocked Man City out of the league cup (but did fuck all thereafter)

Don’t forget his big brain move to start a first choice lineup against us in the league instead of rotating for the EL and fucking up their chance at a European trophy.

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For West Ham to go from EL places to relegation places is unacceptable, especially considering how many poor teams there are around them.
I know a few of their supporters and most say that Moyes keeps making the same mistakes and relying on the same players who keep letting him down.

It’s a race between ex West Ham player and Everton manager Lampard and ex Everton manager now at West Ham, to who is getting sacked next.
I’ve just had a look and the bookies have Lampard clear favourite.

Lampard 4/6
Moyes 3/1
Potter 5/1

Meanwhile Rodgers been begging to be sacked for months now. :rofl:

He was around fourth favourite but I think because of the complete lack of investment, Leicester will give him a bit longer.
But Everton are poorly run and whoever is there, is going to have problems.
As for Potter, he’ll be the latest in a long line of managers that inevitably get sacked because that’s just what Chelsea do.

2 years ago they finished 5th and we finished 8.

Currently they’re 32 points behind us having played a game more.

Lol, nevermind Arsenal, they should be worrying about staying in the division.

Play Everton at home next week. Paddypower cup final.