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We wanted to extend a big welcome to all our new members.

Welcome aboard! If you haven’t had the chance yet to check out our guidelines please do. They can be found here: http://www.onlinearsenal.com/tos

We are sure you will find a friendly bunch of folks here that are very helpful!

Break the ice by introducing yourself to other members in the Online Arsenal Community. Feel free to talk about your Arsenal ties, hobbies and interests, or just say hello!

Once again welcome aboard and we look forward to your contributions.


And some proper cunts :wink:


Alright, time to get the ball rolling.




ASL? :smiley:



I reckon the first and second ones are pretty obvious :eyes:


@Tacticalway welcome.



Welcome to Online Arsenal!


Thank you sir!

Been reading this forum for years and after resisting the urge to pipe up I finally have.


Welcome along mate. :+1:t3:


A warm welcome to our two newest members @UnitedCharity & @barongan



Welcome! Have a pint and join the banter.


Welcome to OA, @CamW

I see your favourite player is Nacho Monreal. Interesting choice. Why him?


Thanks for the greeting.

I dunno, I like Nacho’s work ethic. He is not the best player on the pitch, but he tries, and doesn’t give up when someone is turning him inside out. He frustrates opposition… like a gnat. What more can you ask of a player.


I miss @Sol’s Nick Cage greetings


@SpankyJoyJoy Welcome back dude!

@Martin_Woods Welcome to OA!


Awkward if it’s just someone else who picked that name :smirk:


Welcome @Mattk and @alan_Bstard_M_P


Welcome to the shit hole…


well if you dont like it there is other places you can be :henry2:


Don’t you know shit hole is the most favorite place I like to visit???



Welcome along mate!