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My name is Victor & I have been an Arsenal Fan since I was around 4-5 years old. I am 22 years old now, so I started supporting Arsenal around 2001.

Fast forward 17-18 years and I am currently a postgraduate master’s student at the University of Exeter studying a Master of Science in Marketing. I am currently working on my end of academic year dissertation paper, which is a research project on consumer psychology within sports marketing. As part of the research paper I must conduct an online survey to collect some information on consumer perceptions of modern football stadiums within top-flight professional football, and how Football clubs are trying to create more value for fans and spectators within the match-day service experience. The findings from this survey will be analysed to evaluate the significance & influence of the physical environment on sports consumers. The results will be used as part of my Master of Science in marketing dissertation that is due in on 07/09/2018.

The purpose of this survey is to gather data on the importance & influence that the physical environment of a sports stadium has on consumer behaviour, more specifically a spectator’s desire to stay & return to a stadium for future sporting events. Arsenal Football Club’s Emirates stadium has been chosen due to it being one of the most recent purpose-built football stadiums within the English Premier League (and the best) alongside my passionate support for this club.
If you are reading this, I am asking politely as a fellow fan to see whether you would have 5-10 (honestly no more than 10 minutes) of your day to fill out this survey and assist me with getting the required number of respondents to make the results of my project reliable & significant. All the questions are multiple choice/pick the box, with answers along a scale of 1-5 e.g. How much do you agree with this (1=Strongly disagree, 5= Strongly agree)?

This survey & research paper will ensure the confidentiality of your responses collected alongside the anonymity of research participants to ensure that the identities & records of individuals were maintained as confidential. As data collection will be quantitative (numerical) as well as not requiring anyone to leave any contact details (such as name, addresses, telephone numbers etc), Responses will be fully anonymous & reported in a way for individuals to not be identified via name or contact details.

The anonymity of those who will participate within the research proves is further guaranteed as the survey will be carried out along the principles of the 2018 UK Data protection act. Sensitive personal information concerning any respondents socio-economic & ethnic backgrounds will also be after gaining consents of participants & rigorously protected.

I need a total number of roughly 400 respondents within a 10-day window and given the large presence of Arsenal FC supporters on this website, I think this is very achievable if we all pull up to assist a fellow Arsenal supporter! The only requirement for you to partake in this survey is for you to have previously attended any game at the Emirates stadium since it opened in 2006.
This will probably be the most straightforward, convenient survey you would ever do!!!

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