We are the "new Liverpool"

Years of mediocrity await us. If Wenger stays this is gonna get worse and worse. We could be fighting with the likes of Leicester and Everton for the 6th place, a bit like what happened to Liverpol after Benitez left. Even the new manager would find it difficult though. He would need at least 4/5 years to get rid of all the mess the french manager left.

We are basically in the position where Wenger took over us in 1996.


Its going to take a fair few transfer windows and we have to be very lucky to see a title coming our way in 3 or 4 years time.
Looking for the club as well as the new manager when he comes to lead us in some sort of direction. Could take a couple of managers now, as the leagues more competitive.

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Does this mean we’ll all turn into delusional fuckwits believing we’ll win the league every year? :no_mouth:


Liverpool finished between 6th and 8th from 2010 to 2013. That’s what i meant.

A few years back I was on the WOB wagon…
What I heard most was, “be careful of what I ask for”…

Is THIS what we we’re asking for???


Probably, I mean there already plenty of delusional fuckwits that refuse to accept Wenger’s shitness

That’s a bit redundant isn’t it?

I said I was… Not intend to use this term again.

It’s practically impossible for Arsenal to finish lower than 6th. Look what we did to Everton a few weeks back. The gap is huge either side of us, it’s getting bigger too evidently.

Aston Villa finished 6th three seasons in a row a while back under o Neill, I’d back us to replicate that. This season for sure, next season’s swan song under Big Weng and even with the new guy in 19/20 season I can see it taking a while to rip out the old fittings and completely redecorate the place


To we put any faith in today’s result expediting Arsene’s departure this summer?

If we believe that the club hierarchy is arranged in factions with Ivan, Sven, Raul and co. on one side and Arsene on the other, you’d think that today’s result strengthens the Ivan Camp’s ability to push for change.

It looks like Arsene has a direct line to Stan and has used it to undercut Ivan in the past.

I wonder if the report that Josh is going to take more of an active role in the club would be a boost to the Ivan Camp. We’ve heard leaks in the past that Josh wanted to replace Arsene with Henry. That would be a total disaster and sounds like PR spin but maybe it shows that Josh is at least aware that fan sentiment would like to see a change.


I think this final was another body blow to him yep for the reasons you’ve stated there and more, but Emperor Wengertine is drunk on power and a massive narcissist complex, he might want to quit privately this evening but I’m sure in a week’s time he’ll have reinforced his own belief that he can win the Europa and use that as the launchpad for a title challenge next year :+1:


Could we be Milan? Maybe.

Don’t really see us beating Lyon or even Dortmund. We’re too easy to set up against, make too many unforced errors and can’t score any goals.

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I think a new manager could get a lot more out of these players, we know they can play a lot better than this, we’ve seen it for fucks sake.

The club needs to make the switch. For the first time I’d even supports sacking Arsene now because we need someone in now who can motivate the players for the Europa League games which are actually important and can’t just be written off. Even if Bould takes over until the summer I reckon we’d at least get defensive competence.


That’s for sure. We are such in a bad position we can’t pretend the new manager is gonna fix all our problems immediately. We need to be patient.

When Wenger took over , he had players there that knew what winning meant , knew what the badge on the shirt represented not like this current crop of over paid and overrated players .
It was his modern approach that changed it .
Liverpool, despite their baron years , have won the CL, something that Wenger will never achieve nor will he achieve .
Sadly we are quite simply fucked and all this is down to Arsene Wenger . The greatest underachieving manager of Arsenal Football Club .


Exactly this !


Wenger is a bad manager now, but I cannot discredit all the titles and trophies that he won for the club.
We are mad, we are upset, we are frustrated, but we should not lose our heads.


Liverpool fans never forget the titles and trophies they won decades ago either.


Well-said mate, especially when it comes to replace him.

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At least I don’t agree something like “he is the most overrated” Arsenal manager…
He had his highs, and he is having his low… like we all do.

I remember Liverpool in the seventies and eighties and they were by far the best team I have seen in our league, and one of the best in Europe.
I have also seen Man U relegated and go as long without winning the league title as well as Man City in the third tier and Chelsea when they were constantly between the two top divisions.

Although we haven’t won the title for a long time, we do have a great stadium and are one of the most profitable clubs in Europe, so there is no reason we can’t win it again.

What has been holding us back is Wenger and Kroenke, but Wenger will probably go after this season, but it’s Kroenke, who doesn’t look like he is going to be selling the biggest cash cow he has got.
He is by far the worst thing that has happened to this club and hasn’t contributed anything to it.
In fact since he arrived we have done nothing except stagnate.

Liverpool are on the up, after years of poor seasons, apart from winning the CL, but we are heading the other way and won’t be challenging for the PL of CL while we have an owner who’s only interest is profit.