We are the "new Liverpool"


We won’t be as pathetic as Liverpool.


We are. I give you last thursday as the worse stand alone result in the clubs history.


He is RonnieC
Look at the quality players Wenger has had , why didn’t he win more ?
The invincible squad , why didn’t he strengthen it not weaken it . Look , if you dare , at some of the hammerings and humiliating results under his tenure .
Last Thursday’s result in the EL was nothing short of a sackable offence let alone not turning up at Wembley.
Wenger , a damaged legacy, a fairytale which ends in failure.


We cannot use hypothetic situations/scenarios to discredit something Wenger did accomplished.

He is shit right now, but it does not mean he was shit.
A damaged/tarnished legacy is still a legacy, which means everything WAS good, just not now.

Try to remember the good things, the good old days, life will be much easier.
I am learning this…


When did we win the Champions League?




We are so shit atm the other fans can’t even take the piss. We are just useless, nothing more than a Championship team :santi:


Let’s hope so :clap:


Depends on if the owner puts money into supporting Emery, and we don’t lose any of our star players or promising youngsters and bring in some big names, and more of the type of signings like Guendouzi and Torreira. Then we could have a great chance of getting ourselves back up there, I’m a little worried about if our board will give the manager the money to go and spend.


How many years are we behind them ? Just trying to work out what season we will be 17-3-0 scored 48 Conceded 8


More like the new Everton.


If we appoint Tony Adams like they did Daglish, then we will be.


Let’s get the ball rolling then, appoint Adams and we’re Liverpool 2012, then it’s only 3 seasons until we find our Klopp.


So Tony Adams, then Gareth Southgate and eventually the Messiah


Daglish was a double double winner as manager. Who was our last double double winner? I say appoint him?


He already had 14 failed attempts to win the league again since his last successful campaign :wink:


Only did it once.


Daglish? You’re wrong. So we’re appointing Daglish now. When we play a Mourinho team and he’s putting 3 fingers up, Daglish can put up 4 fingers, winning.


I’d rather we appoint Georgie Graham. Get translators in. Get our defensive unit sorted. Become “big game” Arsenal again

(Not a serious suggestion btw. If we’re going down the Dalglish and Adams path, Graham would be better)