We are the "new Liverpool"


We won’t be as pathetic as Liverpool.


We are. I give you last thursday as the worse stand alone result in the clubs history.


He is RonnieC
Look at the quality players Wenger has had , why didn’t he win more ?
The invincible squad , why didn’t he strengthen it not weaken it . Look , if you dare , at some of the hammerings and humiliating results under his tenure .
Last Thursday’s result in the EL was nothing short of a sackable offence let alone not turning up at Wembley.
Wenger , a damaged legacy, a fairytale which ends in failure.


We cannot use hypothetic situations/scenarios to discredit something Wenger did accomplished.

He is shit right now, but it does not mean he was shit.
A damaged/tarnished legacy is still a legacy, which means everything WAS good, just not now.

Try to remember the good things, the good old days, life will be much easier.
I am learning this…


When did we win the Champions League?




We are so shit atm the other fans can’t even take the piss. We are just useless, nothing more than a Championship team :santi: