WBA Vs Arsenal (PL)


That is a grey area though… when someone has his hand in an “unnatural position” but isn’t even watching, is it a pen?

In this case, the ball wasn’t smashed at him - it wasn’t moving that fast, and it looked a bit like he pushed his arm out in reaction to the ball - it looked bad and invited a decision by ref… maybe it was the wrong decision, but it was incredibly stupid and rash…


Look, Chambers has his arms attached to his body. If Dean got fooled by his first movement he should never referee again. Now you give penalties based on intentions?


They were not attached to his body, but on full speed, I see what you are saying. I’d agree it wasn’t a pen, but there is a reason top defenders literally tuck their arms back and not have them flailing forward.

And the ref is only able to see from where he is located, so you have to be incredibly careful - the ball comes off of his hand/arm in an odd way.


Penalty or no penalty, we should have been out of sight by then . We consistently underestimate the struggling teams and time and time again we fall flat on our face and this is solely down to Useless Wenger .


We’ve been blatantly robbed of points at Stoke, Watford and WBA this season.


Boring game of football and we have seen far too much of it over the last few seasons. Two Mickey mouse goals in a game neither team new how to win.
Lack of depth in the squad just proved how little we have to change games like this. Mentally and Physically tired and lacking any spark whatsoever.
Chess match against Chelsea coming up next. Deep joy. Happy new year everyone.



Add in Welbeck pen against Watford, and Sterling diving too.


Exactly. The fact we are crap doesn’t change the fact we have had many decisions against us this season.


When your relying on the ref against stoke, watford and west brom tells you all you need to know. Where a team in decline and not addressing the real issues.


You are not relying on the ref to win the game, you are expecting him to do his job and not affect the results of games based on arbitrary decisions. This is the same Mike Dean who has a habit of histrionics and we’ve been at the recieving end several times now. He effectively ended Gabriel’s career when he imagined the kick-out on Costa and now he has imagined Chambers’ hand risen in front of his face to award a penalty.

Fair that the performance was not the best, but at this time of the year with a congested list, swashbuckling football is not on top of the priority list, 3 points are and we were robbed of 2 cause of gross incompetence of a guy whose basic job is to keep the game fair.

Also people need to cut the bullshit about him gifting us a goal against spurs, there is a difference a free-kick 45 yards from goal and a penalty. Against scum it was an iffy free-kick not completely unwarranted, yesterday was a gift to West Brom. Let’s also not forget that he ruled out a completely legit goal vs. scum again based on his imagination.


It was not a free kick and it was off side. That’s a gift.


That’s not Dean, that’s the linesman.
For the logic to work both ways we must also count the marginal offside decisions that have gone against us then.

What I am debating is not the marginal calls, they balance themselves out. Yesterday was blatently obvious that Mike Dean was trying to apply his own twisted justice to the game as he has done several times in the past


United have had 2 calls in the last 2 weeks go against them. Everton pen against Liverpool was dubious. Bournemouth goal against West Ham was a poor decision. Its the game ffs , just deal with it. We where crap against the bottom team in the league and got done on a poor but honest call.




If I didnt think that it would be pointless watching the sport.


Agree with all of this, but it is a bit of an overreaction… every team and every set of fans thinks their team has lost points every season to the refs - reality is it ends up pretty close to even for all teams, maybe with the odd outlier now and again… and in terms of variables affecting our total points, it is so far down the list it is silly.

Yes it is busy period, but that is why you squirrel your nuts away when you need to… and oh by the way, it is busy period for ALL teams, so it doesn’t provide some sort of disadvantage to us - in fact, one could argue the opposite that rich clubs are more suited to survive these periods due to having greater depth…

Lots of excuses for us and if you want to look at every possible situation going against us and ignore all the rest, yes we could be further up the table… same could be said for every damn team FFS.

We probably got hosed by Mike Dean, but we are about where we deserve to be frankly… 4-6th is where we belong and where we will end up this season. 7-20 are horrible - our absolute floor even if we collapse is 6th but I don’t see any way we break above 4th and likely get 5/6th - and deservedly so.


There was also a legit goal disallowed in that match so the spurs offside goals don’t matter as we’d have won that game anyways.


Nah, our squad is on par with Tottenham and Lolpool because we don’t spend much and what we spend we’ve spent on poor signings. The reality is that there are teams, coincidentally the three at the top of the table, that can spend more than us and will spend as much as they like. Our place is 4th now and if not for shitty officiating we’d be right where we are supposed to be. Come end of the season qe probably will be there, most likely. Wenger had overachieved for the past 10 years or so. When Wenger is gone and we still can’t spend much on transfers, and thrn we have an inferior manager, you’ll all be talking about Wenger in the good ol’ days where we could win FA Cups at minimum because Wenger could do more with less and knock off the money clubs.


No mate those 2 have high profile talented players who are exciting and far more relevant to todays game. Their managers are better in the market than us and more dynamic.
We are the least effective and most boring of the top six.
The game has caught up and overtook Wenger. His outlook hasnt changed but just become dated.


I agree they have done much better in the market there’s no argument from me. Wenger is a better manager than anything they’ve got tho. That’s why I’m calling for, and have been advocating for those responsibilities to be removed from Wenger.