WBA Vs Arsenal (PL)


I am sure fan of every big club thinks the same.
We were dealt a shit deal but lets not do a Jose & invent an imaginary scam.

Mike Dean however, yes he is corrupt.


Prove it.


No you prove it hasn’t happened.


I don’t need to prove that it hasn’t happened. You are the guys screaming that decisions are always going against us so prove that to be the case otherwise stop perpetuating myths.


Guess ur blind then, or just have an agenda against Wenger that blinds you to the obvious.



Dean is corrupted…
And we have a lousy game (again)…
Both fuck 2 points from us


Absolutely disgusting performance. Fucking diabolical, gutless and clueless.


Why don’t Wenger just headbutted him? I am fucking fed up with us not reacting to the decisions that go against us. The likes of Keown and Adams would have eaten Dean alive. He wouldn’t have dared to go against us.


Burden of proof requirement can only be on the side of someone questioning the impartiality of the umpire.

Also Dean giving Arsenal only 3 penalties doesn’t cut it, statistical anomaly. Other officials will have similarly unbalance records supposedly ‘favouring’ different sides


If not for shit ref decisions were are 2 points in front of Chelsea in second and fighting for the title, and that’s just the 100% facts.


Yea whats the story with that? Sky announced that mid game, do they just have a whatsapp group now or something?

On a side note this thread is fucking tragic.


It’s a pity Wenger didn’t show as much guts towards the players as he does complaining about the fourth official. If he bothered to get up off his useless fucking arse and belted out some aggression we might not be in this mess .


Have Chelsea, or for that matter Man U, Liverpool or Tottenham, had any decisions go against them? Or loads go in their favour?

You speak with such certainty that I’m assuming you’ve done a thorough analysis of refereeing decisions in all of their matches too, in order to come up with this theory about what our true league position should be.

As I type I realise all I’m doing is feeding the troll but you post such egregious bullshit that sometimes it needs responding to.


I don’t care about shitty decisions against them, just the ones that cost us points.


Which means you have no authority in claiming that we should be second, because league standings are dependant on the teams around you.


LOL at anyone trying to blame refs for our league position.

The game: awful… we played down to their level. We didn’t deserve the 3 points and anyone saying that it wasn’t a pen - FFS Chambers what the f*ck are you thinking chicken-winging your arm out… begging - nay pleading to be a pen. A few thoughts:

  1. Sanchez doesn’t look negative or disruptive to me frankly… his passing and providing has been excellent recently and he is still a class apart other than Ozil.

  2. All the good things that I said about Xhaka last game, FFS the guy is truly awful - brainless, slow, poor passing… absolute shambles

  3. We are boring… lots of awful games over holidays, but we have been dire most of season… getting tired of it. Try something new Arsene.

  4. Chambers is a moron… can’t see him coming good with that football IQ

  5. Bellerin is average RB in the Prem right now… at best… sad to see his diabolical lack of progression.

  6. Wilshere is getting overrated a bit, but is showing flashes of something we need to hang onto

  7. Team defense is so bad it is hard to watch

  8. Our goal should never have been a goal if not for absolute gift - some of the worst wall defending I have ever seen and no way that shot goes in without stupid WBA gift.


The part of his arm it hit was right in front of his body, he deserves no blame for that whatsoever


It looked ridiculous and in no way was “natural”. Maybe it was harsh, but he invited it.


Penalty for handball should only be award when it is deliberate.