Watford vs Arsenal (Premier League)

It’s usually a difficult away fixture, but they’re currently last of the PL table (3L1D) , defense looks shaky, conceding three goals at home to both West Ham and Brighton, and there’s a new manager in charge, I must say all the ingredients are in place for a disappoinment…seriously though, we must put this lot to the sword.

Going with:




  • Arsenal Win
  • Disappointing Loss
  • Disappointing Draw

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We’ve got to win this, surely.

They’ll score, but we’ll outscore them. 1-3 Guns.

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Their in a mess and don’t see the new manager creating that first game bounce effect.
4 0 win to the Gunners.

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Nothing but a win is acceptable.


3-1 - we’ll make tougher work of it than we should and give away some dumb goal, but our firepower will overwhelm them in the end… needed 3 points on a stretch where we need to collect lots of points.

I’m going to say score draw, don’t have enough trust in us away from home yet and can see us playing Watford into some sort of form.

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Nothing but a win is acceptable

The squad reacted well to this.


Think we’ll get one of those performances like we had at Craven Cottage last year. 1-6 to the Arsenal. Auba hattrick. Pepe to open his account. AMN to score as well.

I think you mean 6-0 Arsenal.

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Don’t get complacent on everyone at half time.

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Think it’s an away game, hence 1-6. And can’t see us keeping a clean sheet atm.

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Knowing our luck we’ll lose our cojones :rofl:

We should absolutely tear this team to shreds but Emery will play like 7 holding midfielders and we’ll either scrape a win cause Auba and Laca, or it will be a draw.

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Maybe Deeney will do us a favor and get red in shock tackle on Xhaka…

No fucking about. 4-0 to The Arsenal.

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Have you guys not learnt anything facing these duchbags over the years. Hopefully we get 1-0

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Pepe to get his first goal here


Luiz Own Goal

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Is Danny Welbeck fit? Surely he’ll score if he is :face_with_hand_over_mouth: