Watford v Arsenal (PL)

Watford v Arsenal

Sunday 2022-03-06T14:00:00Z
Premier League
Vicarage Road
Live on SkySports

Nine days until we play again. These breaks are doing us well since we’ve built up a 3 game winning streak. Let’s make it four, against one of the worst teams in the league. I think a Pepe start would be really good here, can see him being influential.


  • Watford win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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Flexo believes in reverse jinxing

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Lol these gaps between matches have been a madness. This better be the last one ffs.

Watford are a poor team. We should win 0-2

We should win this by more than 1 goal in reality.

There is an international break at the end of March. Bit in terms of other teams playing when we’re not, this should be the last one.

Yeah I know that was meaning we have a break when the rest of the league continues playing haha

I would be so disappointed if Pepe dosnt start this.

This should be an easy win so if we score early it could be 3-0 or more.

He probably won’t but hopefully he can come off the bench and make an impact again. The more he does the more it forces Arteta hand a bit

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Watford have been on a slippery slope lately. Like Brentford, started very promising but have run out of steam. Funnily enough, it’s Norwich that’s somewhat recovering from being awful early on.
Anyway, regardless of being on a bad run or not all the teams in this league can beat you on their day, especially at their ground.
If we underestimate these lot they’ll cost us points.
We need another big performance and win. COYG!

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Have we lost a game since :ginger: started making threads? I know it’s only naturally that a cat would hunt and destroy a wolf but I’m starting to feel they may be our good luck charm.

Edit- sorry Calum bro I always appreciated your match threads but you aren’t a cat.


I’m happy to pass on the baton to Supercat


Won every game since :ginger: started making match threads.

We’ve also won every game since we started using tags and dynamic dates.

Long may it continue


I feel like we’re starting to form a hierarchy.

Cats are > Scott’s > the English.

Also we have Trion


Make no mistake about it. Man Utd were the ones that dropped points today.
Watford were fucking terrible. Wish we played them midweek instead.
Can’t stand our current schedule.

Yeah it’s so annoying having to wait so much

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It’s absurd. I feel everyone is playing instead of us. I feel we’ll end up with bunch of matches in April and May.

Feel like it doesn’t much matter which ref we get, the collective response is always “oh no” :sweat_smile:


The Wolves game feels so long ago now. Still 3 days before this game too.

Hope the players are all well rested and fit for a busier period.