Watford thread

Wonder how they will get on with Mazzari as manager. Already signed a few good players like Feyirya and Janmaat. Fancy Janmaat to do very well at Watford with the 3-5-2 Mazzari uses

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Looks interesting. At 5’9 60kg, I hope he has the heart of a lion. I’d rather we pushed for Mahrez. I know sweet FA about Boufal, other than what’s on whoscored. :flushed:

Hello Marco Silva?

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Ranieri is the favourite.

Watford’s revolving door policy on managers is incredible. 8 in 5 years! Though, of course, given that they’ve managed to stay up for the last two seasons, the owners can argue that it works.

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they think they are Chelsea

I will miss his translator more then him


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Good for them

Thought Silva would wait around for something better to be honest. Maybe Southampton. But it’s a good appointment for Watford - long may Hertfordshire continue to have a team in the Premier League :sunglasses:

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Watford top 10 next season

Much better than Mazzarri. Great choice for Watford.

It’s a very good appointment but I would’ve thought that he’d pass on Watford for Palace or perhaps Saints if they let Puel go.

Their owners suffer from short-termism and have itchy trigger fingers.

Watford choose very good managers.
But I have got stuff in my fridge that lasts longer than they do.

With our manager, by now it would have grown arms and legs learn juju and haunted your soul from the bowels of said fridge!

This is a very good article on how Watford are run.

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Well that’s a surprise after they fought tooth and nail to stop Everton getting him a few months ago :joy:

Had it not been for the unwarranted approach by a Premier League rival for his services we would have continued to prosper under his leadership.


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