Watford thread


There fucking 10th!! Not the bottom 3 :joy::joy::joy:

Weird club


They’ve been in shit form pretty much since Everton were after him. I can’t believe they’re still as high as 10th.


I’d take him at Arsenal


This reincarnation of Watford since they came back up has been really strange. Dont seem to have any real identity of who or what they want to be.


There next manager will be their fourteenth in ten years.
We have had fourteen managers in 120 years.

Queen Victoria was on the throne fourteen managers ago for us.
Wilshere became a first team player with us, fourteen managers ago for Watford.


They beat us in october FFS! Good coach, but clueless defensively.




Outrageous decision. But I do blame Silva for flirting with Everton so soon into his reign at Watford.


He probably shouldn’t bother buying a house. Just stay in The Grove for the few months he is there.


Right decision… undermined his own position


It’s a shame for Silva as he seems a very good upcoming coach and was doing great work before the Everton link, however, it’s true they’ve become incredibly stale since then.

Everton are probably quietly happy though as it’ll simple enough to get him once they let big Sam go, don’t think he’ll be staying there for too long. Their owner doesn’t seem at all convinced as it always looked like a short term fix.


Someone isn’t happy…



Marco Silva fired??? Seriouslyyy?? I fucking hate these dumb ass mid table PL sides who think they should be United or something lol. Honestly with the matches being taken off tv over here and behind a pay wall, especially for clubs like Watford, truth is I haven’t seen as much football this year as in prior seasons, but wasn’t Silva doing a good job? Was thinking he wouldn’t be such a bad replacement for Arsene when the time comes tbh.


No messing around



Two years since Graham Taylors death. Today giving every fan a free drink. Classy that.




Clearly can’t take a joke… :grimacing:


So Lineker can dish it out (on many occasions) but can’t be prepared to have sarcasm hit right back at him?