Watching Arsenal

I don’t really get to watch full arsenal games anymore like I used to, I only really see the highlights every week on MOTD, the fa cup show and shows like that. I have sky but not sky sports or bt sports and I don’t really like watching streams online.

I’m just wondering if they have any kind of websites that you can pay monthly or yearly just to watch full football matches, mainly just arsenal really or do have some kind of service you can pay for to watch them.

My plan for the new season is to watch arsenal properly like I used to and join in with the discussions about the games every week and just become a proper member of this forum once more

Thanks OA


I guess you could use a VPN, and sign up to NBC or Bein Sports.

I paid a few quid last month to try out now tv mobile. It was grand and I think I got 2 or 3 games worth out of it as well as seeing some other PL which I haven’t been arsed with in years. Think it was €7 for the month and you can’t stream or cast it to a tv but does the job. Other more expensive options available too.

Get Sky and BT if you can. It isn’t as expensive as people think

Have you tried streaming with aceplayer? The quality is generally really good

I mean, if you exclude European football you’re fine just having Sky really…
Unless BT have bought more matches for next season?

Not exactly cheap though when you look into it. If you pick one, that’s fine but having both is expensive. On paper, having Sky Sports PL for £18 a month seems relatively ok, but the reality is, you can’t have this channel, unless you have the entertainment package to go with it as well, which bumps the price up to £40 a month instead. BT Sport has gone up quite a bit last few seasons, mostly due to PL and gaining CL rights, It’s usually around £30 or a smidge more a month now.

So if you add those packages together for a year, you’re looking at £840 for just a few sports channels, which if you’re only interested in watching Arsenal games, is an awful lot to pay for.
Of course, there are sometimes special deals or using online apps from them, can help knock prices down but it’s still not really ideal for everyone.

Makes you wonder how much longer these prices are sustainable really before the bubble eventually bursts.

What I would say Luke is, if you opted to have Sky or BT, pick the one that’s not only best value, but what other sports are available to make it worth while, so you’re getting more of your moneys worth.

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I don’t think it’s that bad and I’m not made of money haha, worth it for Arsenal, other PL games and the champions league

I mean sure, if you watch a lot of Football or sport in general then it’ll feel like you’re getting your moneys worth. But realistically I imagine a lot of families simply can’t make that sorta financial commitment. Or rather it’s more of an issue having to subscribe to different platforms just to watch these games. If Amazon or Netflix get involved soon, then it’s going to get rather ridiculous all these different companies you’d have to subscribe to see all these matches.

Was it @Calum who suggested ages ago that there should be a Premier League subscription service where all live matches are all in one place and no where else? You see it in quite a number of sports now, but still not the case for Football. That would certainly save so much hassle and cost.

Out of interest GG, and anyone else who wants to answer, who do you feel has the better overall Sports options these days if you had to pick one, Sky or BT?

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I cancelled Sky about 5 years ago now. Everyone does adjust their budget as different things change in your life from time to time and this was top of my list of savings I could make.
I had for football and the rugby but you do end up watching and wasting to many hours I found. Buy the pass now and then for different events.
Out of the two id choose Sky as it has the NRL and Superleague and Gaelic games I liked watching around the semi final stages.

I use this service:

It has tons of channels, from all over the world, including BT and Sky Sports. Arsenal is always broadcasted somewhere in the world.

I use this TV guide to see where in the world it’s shown. Mostly watch Arsenal via Canadian or Vietnamese streams. They all have English commentary, too.

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BT mainly because they have all European football

thanks everyone for the replies, I will have a proper look nearer the time of the start of the new season and sort something out :slight_smile:

Do you need a VPN for this one Arthur? Looks amazing to me, especially the interface.

I worry that you’ll pay and it will eventually shut down - do you know how long it’s been around / reliable it is?

Been using it for a year now myself. Most streams are solid, and if they start to buffer just use another channel.

So far I haven’t needed a VPN. But a mate living in UK says he’s had to use a VPN in order to watch the Sky and BT streams, all the other channels work fine.

The good thing about the service is, if a game is on Sky or BT, it usually is on 10+ other channels as well. NBC Gold, TSN, Eleven Sports, Bein Sports, you name it.

The delay with those streams is usually 30-45 seconds compared to normal TV viewing.

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Anyone want to get together to split the yearly fee 3 ways/5 ways? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

@Calum will love this


When are the 19/20 fixtures released?

This was announced months ago glads :wink: