Watching Arsenal

Amazon have the rights for them only.

Can just buy prime and cancel after the match :joy:

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Thursday :+1:

That’s exactly what they want to measure. I think there’s another round they have at some point in the season too.


Yeah just seen they have two:

Remember when watching football was meant to become cheaper after Sky’s vice-like grip on the monopoly was relinquished?


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Oh YEEEEEAH :sunglasses:


And they get to sign up a shit ton of punters, X% of whom will either forget to cancel or not actually mind keeping it.


4D chess marketing and sales strategy


can people living in holland sign up too?

No, Amazon Prime UK only.

Geoblocked again Bl1nk sorry :joy:

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It’s great my girlfriend has prime so I don’t give a shit haha

Although thinking of it I’ll probs be in Denmark for Christmas

UK and Ireland.

Spot on. I did an Amazon Prime free trial over a year ago and just never cancelled it. I’ve since used it for free next day delivery and to watch Community and Parks and Rec. The Mrs watches some of her shows on it too when I’m not about.

Absolutely never intended to have it for more than a month for free haha.

The occasional bit of PL football probably guarantees I won’t be cancelling it any time soon.

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