Vorskla Poltava Vs Arsenal (UEL)

Pointless game. Play the reserves. NLD on Sunday more important

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I’m going to say loss as I expect no one who is in the frame to be starting Sunday should be travelling to the middle of nowhere in the Ukraine on Thursday night.

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Let’s win the group with some youngsters.

2 1 win. Kid with the posh name to get them both.


Unai don’t fuck this up. No first team players should travel to this place 3 days before the NLD!!!


Sounds like it’ll be a proper old school venue and tie this! But as you quite rightly say Calum, literally no point risking any major first team players for this one, we’re already through. Such a shame we lost Welbeck to injury recently, means we have to use either Laca or Auba unnessasairly. Guessing Cech might be back for this one as well?

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Nah. Just stick Nketiah up there. If we didn’t risk Lacazette “as a precaution” in Bournemouth, I can’t see us risking him for a game of little importance in the South Pole!


Sokratis can play as people think hes rusty and short of match practice.

100%. If ever a game had Nketiah’s name on it, this was it, especially with Welbz gone.

This is a game NOT to risk anyone on. We should still be able to get a suitable result in the remaining games to secure 1st place regardless… right now we are in the midst of a critical period in premiership - focus all efforts there. Put in the scrubs and reserves en masse.

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Just great before the NLD! Don’t risk any first team players!

Kind of ironic this. A week ago people pissed off there was no football. This week nobody wants Arsenal playing. Gotta love fan logic.

Just need to relax because its a bonus for Emery to do whatever he wants with it.

Basically no circumstances under which I watch this game :smile:


Think we can win even with our reserves+plus the likes of Matteo and Lichtsteiner.

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I want them to play, I just don’t want to risk FTers right before Spuds and ManU in a pretty useless game against very inferior opposition… I’ll still watch =)

Seriously as I said earlier in this thread, take no one that could potentially start vs Spurs on Sunday afternoon. Even if we happen to lose this game we’re are qualified and are certain to win the group if we win our final match at home.

Must be pretty bad if the government have given the game its own special page :thinking:

The only first team player I’d take would be Mhikitayran, in fact it’s essential he goes and plays the full 90 so he stays the fuck away from Sunday


Need to play even because we have a busy fixtures in december.

Lol we’re travelling to a warzone ffs