Virgil van Dijk


How much did Liverpool pay for Dajan Lovren?


Think it was around the 25 million quid mark from memory.


He was supposed to be the dogs bollocks at the time too wasn’t he?


Yeah he was highly rated after an impressive season at Southampton, I think VVD is next level though tbh.


I ghiess we’ll soon find out


Issa beast pun intended seriously though Diop’s good! even tho his long passing’s a little bit hit and miss I think he’s arguably one of the best up and coming centre backs around.

I like the idea of Diop replacing the BFG next ssn too but I don’t think he’s still gonna be at Toulouse by then, the only reason I think he’s still there now and not at Monaco is because he’s been injured I could be wrong tho and Pascal Dupraz captaining him may have convinced him to stay for one more season.


:thinking: London is red :henry2:


Look at that cool mother fucker.


No matter what happens, I never want to hear shite about the Scottish league, this is the latest in a long line of talents Celtic’s scouting team have found and developed that have more than held their own down south.

And he won’t be the last.


in london on the way to liverpool probably…more than likely it will be chavski that have got him though you know what they are like with buying trophies.


Off to Chelsea then.


That doesn’t mean the league isn’t shite though.


I can only remember Wanyama and van Dijk actually being any good and we were linked with both at the time.

Shame we punted on Flamini and Gabriel.


The Scottish league is a heap of shit and VVD changes nothing about that.


If we’re truly out of the running for Lemar (were never in it) AND Nice decide against selling Seri AND Southampton refuse to do business with Liverpool for VVD, then our club is dumb for at least not trying to sign him. I think he’ll end up at Chelsea now but he probably wouldn’t be averse to a move to Arsenal either. Our hat should be in the ring





Sevco are a whole other thing.

Point is, this proves players celtic have at least are worth scouting and having a look at and not dismissing based on ‘my nan could play in the SPFL’ OR whatever


If Celtic weren’t in the league, a team of paraplegic nans would most likely beat Rangers, Aberdeen and the rest of the pub teams to the title. It really does look bad up there beyond the wall :grimacing:


It’s what the PL would be without the ability to buy talented foreigners.

Imagine Arsenal’s #britishcore Man United only having Phil Jones and the like to choose from etc. And that is the best case scenario.