Virgil van Dijk


Yeah and he was in contact with Granit Xhaka a full year before we signed him and if IIRC he also took Lacazatte out to dinner in Paris to convince him to join us aswell.


And Southampton have been categorical in their desire to to sell VVD so not sure where we’d have gotten this consent from.


Ya like these radar graphs do ya? Well I’ve got one to show you that will blow ur mind :theo:


This made me lol. Well done.


That footbaklisticly arsenal lot are a bunch wankers

I’m pretty sure dermot o Leary used to do it but stoped coz they talk so much bollocks


In all seriousness I know the one’s you’re talking about an Theo’s no where near as bad as people make out.

He’s just frustrating AF to watch on the ball lol


really good point. I suppose I just want to believe we would get a badass defender like that.


So essentially you want to buy a center back version of Sanogo?



Kudos to the guys who spent the time to make that video lol, it’s true that the “Walcott has no football brain/is an idiot” thing is ridiculous (if anything, he’s an extremely untalented footballer who has made it through his intelligence, especially of his movement) though I couldn’t help but laugh at the “Vision” part. :grimacing:


Every year pundits have a hipster choice they claim has done well. Van Dijk was that last season for me.

Has in no way shown enough to be valued as highly as mooted in this market - at least Siggy has been quality for a few seasons…


If that was true it’d contravine tapping up rules, so I’m not buying it. Wenger will talk to players when he has a teams permision, not without it.


I can’t help but feel you havn’t seen Van Dijk play over the past 3, 4 seasons if you did you’d know his anything but a hipster choice.

VVD’s class & he’s consistently shown that since his days at Celtic.

Neither did John Stones or Kyle Walker but that didn’t stop them both from becoming the most expensive defender of all time, that’s just shows how fucked the market is right now.

There’s too much money it’s ridiculous, I’ve said it before but we’re at a stage now where as long as you get the right player it doesn’t really matter about the transfer fee as long as you can afford it.


It’s unlikely but for all we know Southampton might have gave us permission to do so.


Do we think Salzburg gave Wenger permission to speak to Keita when they were trying to move him to Leipzig?


While not allowing Liverpool? The guys just fishing for clicks


I’m happy with Rob Holding.


Maybe, maybe not ? I haven’t got a clue mate. He is probably fishing for clicks though.

Van Dijk’s a pipe dream anyway so it’s doesn’t really matter + Ornsteins said we’ve got one possible incoming before deadline day and I doubt that’s gonna be VVD when we’re crying out for a centre mid.


So am I but Holding’s not a left sided centre back Van Dijk is, like I said to Luca



What do you think of Issa Diop? Makes a little bit more sense to me to ride it out with Mertesacker and go for a centre beck in the summer of 2018. Diop and Holding will both have another season behind their back then.