Villarreal vs Arsenal (EL)

Europa League Semi-Final
Thursday 29th April
Estadio de la Ceramic
KO: 20:00 :clock3:
:tv: BT Sport

  • VIL win
  • ARS win
  • Draw

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Emery to embarrass Arteta here.

Book it


Biggest game in the world. Only two options. Win or win. Coooooyg

It will be a good ebening for Unai


Paco Alcacer is pretty clever in the box. Not sure I want to see him toying with Rob Holding.

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Chukwueze very dangerous too when he’s in form. He’d going to consistently test whoever is at LB

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There are going to be a lot of Arsenal fans looking for redemption. Arteta better not give it to them.

Rob must be trembling at the thought of Paco Alcacer around him. It’s not like he bossed prime Diego Costa before. :grimacing:

I’d fancy myself to dance past Xhaka at least twice in a game



Chuk is going to be cutting in on his left foot all game. In a way, it’s on the defensive-mid (Ceballos) to hinder that threat, as much as on Xhaka.

EDIT: Fielding Cedric at left-back could be worth a go. High risk-decent reward.


Totally different type of striker. I’d probably back Rob against a lumpy type striker.


I still bank us on the 2nd leg but typical Emery decides not to be as dogshit as he was for us away from home this season. Probably lack of fans impact.

Still. If we get a 1-1 we shouldn’t at least lose at the Emirates. But under Arteta everything is weird.

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Even if they do go 1 up, I can’t see Emery smalldicking not letting us back in.

But then Arteta’s attack is one of the worst things I’ve seen in my life.

It truly is the battle of the terrorists.

Footballs battle of Stalingrad. A horrible experience all round I can foresee.


The issue isn’t Emery’s micropenis formation or tactics. The issue is that we are more sterile than a fixed dog in attack. That’s a feature of Arteta’s system. He wants to score the perfectly choreographed goal. It leads to really predictable attacking moves that all die near the box.

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If Dick Emery can beat Shiteta it will be all the proof we need to know this tragic comedy definitely took a turn for the worse after appointing the latter.

I’m going to go with 1-1 draw and everything hanging in the balance ahead of the 2nd leg.

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Right all
Sit upright , pay attention and take notice !
This will be an Arsenal of old performance.
Fast passing , Everyman doing their job and giving is 8/10 performances
The defence and keeper will be repaying us suffering fans back .
4-1 to The Arsenal