Video technology (VAR) in football


I don’t think so.
This was not a grey area penalty. The lack of intent, position of arm(would have hit his body if not for his arm) plus no player behind him to pose a danger.

Everyone who saw that was sure it was too harsh, bar Mike Dean.


This was not a situation that a video judge would matter. It’s on Chambers hand, but he’s just a foot away and thereby no hand ball imo. Dean was in perfect view of it too.


Doesn’t the rule state it has to be intentional? A guy a foot away from the ball with no possible reaction time, with his arm in front of his body hardly feels like intent to me. Video ref wouldn’t overturn this tho, so whatever. I still don’t really want VAR tbh.


Why shouldn’t this be a review for video ref?
It is a penalty who changes the result. Such matter should definitely go to video referee.


It’s still a guy making a call at the end of the day. Just as capable of making a dumb ass decision. i see no reason a ref couldn’t look at that and think “arm in unnatural position, peno is fair”. I don’t agree with that but it’s not about what i think.


But a guy/guys with multiple camera views & a handy rule book to refer.
You can have a panel of guys who can vote, rather than relying on one guy.


Should be like the old boxing system IMO- 3 refs/ judges have to press their buttons simultaneously for a decision to be questioned.



Why do we have to rely on one person & his judgement?
In any field it is always effective to have multiple eyes & opinions on an event.


Will be interesting to see how it’s used Monday week in the Palace-Brighton game. Surely it will only go to the video referee if the ref signals for it to do so, meaning that today’s result would be the same.


Video ref may not have same ego Dean has to make every game about him.


VAR would probably have given us more points than any signing except Messi this season :joy:


I think they will bring in VAR, if only to stop Wenger having ready made excuses, after a game.


Because it’s still the one guy on the pitch that has the final decision and if you had multiple guys sitting behind thick walls in a video room make the deicision you would not only completely undermine the authority of the ref on the pitch and have him explain/defend decisions he may himself not agree with but also you’d be moving the responsibility to people who are even less accessible to the public.


VAR is still going to piss ppl off and not accomplish what everyone thinks it will.


Third umpire overwrites on field umpire in Cricket.


Consistency across all levels and him being the guy that communicates to players, managers and the crowd.


Yet another instance that could have been solved by video referee.



Riley is a joker for saying that VAR would have spared Wenger from outrage. It would have still been a human making the decision and knowing how opinions on a lot of cases can go far apart it could have still been given as penalty. Let’s first see if video referees are any more competent than the ones on the pitch.


Thanks fuck! Let’s hope the VAR can save us against Chelsea :mustafi: