Video technology (VAR) in football


VAR is clearly going to count against us before it does something positive for us.


Simply dreading the introduction of this. Too many rules in a grey area for it to fully work. Pity the 4th official.


Yup too many people naively expecting a silver bullet. I’m pro-VAR but it will be interesting when the waters are truly tested with this


I rather we have controversial decisions by checking all avenues, than relying on a single entity who has been running all game, has to be at right spot & has only a second or two to make a judgement.

Did we learn nothing from Clattenburg’s admission that he was biased towards Spurs players to avoid media & fan onslaught?
Move the attention away from ref to unnamed video refs & you will get better proportion of decisions.

Your Offside decisions will be 100%.
Your Goal line decision will be 100%.
Refs not able to see a deliberate handball will be rectified 100%.
Penalties with two leg touches will be rectified 100%.
Non contact penalty decision will be overturned 100%.

There is plenty good to have VAR than to not have one.


None of those will ever be 100% (bar goal line tech which already is anyway) because they are all about opinion. I do sort of agree with you though in terms of the refereeing of the game having to change. If we’re going to check VAR for offside for instance what’s the point of having linos.


Throw ins.


Just let the ref call them


Too many offside decisions to be made to check them all + the whole idea of controlled passes and a lack of visibility for the viewer and ref where the offside position happened.


Does offside even really matter unless a goal has been scored?


If it wins you an important set piece, starts off a longer attacking move or the non called offside leads to suspensions or injuries then it definitely matters. As it is offside is really only checked immediately before a goal is scored which is only as long as the VAR seems fit. So if only used situationally then why even bother with offside at all.


In germany what happens when a player beats a high line and is ruled incorrectly offside immediately by the linesman? VAR is obviously useless because the refs have already killed the move. Have officials been intructed not to flag for offside in that situation?


Well you’d be fundamentally changing the entire game if offside didn’t count ever but if they just checked it when in question then attackers would still have to hold it as a consideration.

Perhaps I’ll word it differently, the game shouldn’t stop as a matter of course on foot of an offside flag and the situation @Arsenal4thetreble outlines is exactly why.


Not that I’m aware of. I have to admit though that I haven’t put too much time watching Bundesliga this season so I couldn’t tell for sure.

It’s still the same problematic though. You’d have to decide when to and when not and what happens if the game should have been stopped by the law of the game but letting it run leads to consequences far further than the VAR is able or willing to review. It would also need a couple more changes to the rules.


It’s the same problem as stopping the game when it shouldn’t have been stopped (which is worse imo). I’d just rather they let play flow and review for major decisions. Don’t think any rule changes are needed for that tbh. Ref can ignore lino flag if he wanted currently.



It’s amazing the mental gymnastics people do to make VAR not seem like an obviously positive thing.


Thats a total over simplification for a sport with so many grey areas. Your deluded if you think this a one fix fits all.


Could do with a bit of context that. Was it over a throw in 11 times for instance. Something which VAR wouldn’t really be intended for imo.


That’s totally not what @AbouCuellar said though, all he said is that it’s obviously a positive thing, and I haven’t heard anyone even imply that it would fix everything either tbh.


It hasn’t been positive for american sports. In fact it’s debated here that reviewing calls on replay is one of the reasons that the juggernaut that is american football (for tv ratings) has actually struggled the padt two seasons, ratings are dropping like a stone. Sure they get a lot of the calls 100% correct now but when every decision on the field is now scrutinised, that has ballooned the game times past 4 hours on average. At first I was a proponent but it’s to the point where I would almost rather just let the officials make the call and move on fuck replay.

That’s only one issue, I haven’t even gotten into the minutia of how the reviews have now convoluted the rules and muddied the waters even more so as regards the rule book. The following video was ruled as an incomplete pass and it made the steelers lose this game, and because that they’ve lost home field advantage in the playoffs, a major disadvantage. So there is still a ton of controversy regarding the officials, it’s just evolved.

Maybe soccer :slightly_smiling_face: will be an easier sport to govern with VAR, maybe not. I just don’t think that it’s a forgone conclussion either way.