Upcoming Video Games


The fighting and web swinging are some of the main point of praise. So yes a good Spider-man game after sooo much garbage they have thrown out recently.


Been playing Battlefield V (Open beta) today. Awesome game!!


Played some too. The graphics have definitely dropped from BF1 for some reason. Hoping it’s just the beta. Its way too ‘colourful’ to be a war game…if that makes sense.


can’t fucking wait.

My childhood was playing spiderman 2 and power rangers on PS1.

Only the first 2 levels of course, as I didn’t have a memory card :arteta:


Spider Man 2 was the shit


FIFY :henry2:


So unrelated to video games per se…

How do I create a new PSN account and link it to my old PSN account?

My current PSN account is locked to my Danish address but I’m closing that bank account now and it won’t let me move my address to a new country (the UK).

Has anyone had this issue before? Apparently I can just set up a new PSN account and link it to my other account?


What about just staying in Denmark u TRAITOR ! :cech:


As far as my research go (2 mins.) i can conclude that its not possible to change our country on the ps account and its not possible to link a new account to ur old.

You will have to make a brand new account sadly.

If u had xbox all this wouldnt be a problem. Just sayin :hearts:





If the has mgs on it I be buying it


Can’t they just let Nintendo have this one success? :smile:

@Lister86 yes! Metal Gear Solid is one of my favourite games of all time. I’d always let Meryl die instantly so I’d then have the invisibility cloak for my second play through haha


Never played with the cloak tho allways enjoyed the bandana for the unlimited ammo


The invisibility appealed to me as a youngster who wasn’t fussed about being challenged by the game, it was just a bit of fun. Wouldn’t bother with it so much now because it basically makes the game pointless haha


MGS blew my mind as a kid and I went back and replayed it recently on an emulator and it still holds up. Shit like Pyscho Mantis reading your memory card and having to change the controller port from the first to second outlet to beat him were ingenious touches that you just don’t see in today’s boring single player campaigns.

Tbh I’d rather the PS4 was just backwards compatible so people didn’t have to pay silly money to download a copy of the classics such as MGS, Resi 1/2, FFVII etc etc


Rockstar will do wonders with Red Dead Online.



That’s pretty cool and all but I know I’d never use it. Fuck a sandbox game without a map, that’d be a bloody nightmare.


It’s something I could see myself doing when I was a student with the time to play video games 6 hours a day but no way I’d have to the time to play the game like that now haha