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Recoba was basically a cheat code with his free kicks. Used to be the first elite player I would buy on master league without fail.


Still got PES2, and PES6 and play it all the time with mates

Strangely, Shevchenko is OP AF in PES 2 as well. Absolutely ghosts my defenders.


I thought when I was younger playing PES and not having much football knowledge that Recoba was one of the best players in the world due to how good he was on it :rofl:


That whole Inter team was insane.

Zanetti, Samuel, Toldo too


Martins with the insane pace but horrific finishing. My boy Walter was one of the best defenders on the whole game too, absolute beast of a team


I brought a PS2 from Cex just so I could play PES 6 again.

I must have brought 5+ copies from various Cex stores around london just to find the least scratched one





Holla when you hear about an Option File plz
Can’t be dealing with Lancashire Claret and Merseyside Blue etc for long!


Is PES out?


You want this site


Meant to be out today in the UK geezer


Tried PES demo yesterday and it has very good graphics but didn’t really like it tbh


Battlefield V delayed for over a month :face_vomiting:

New release date November 20.


I usually wait a week or two for the good ones to come out. Will link it on here.


Yeah that is shitty news. However October is insane for games so probably a good marketing move.

Read Dead 2
Assassins Creed Odyssey
Forza Horizon 4

All come out in October. And COD.


So that’s bad then? Bc surely releasing earlier would give them an headstart but this way they will jump right into competition.
Probably done so the game is finished tho.


Looks awesome


Spider-man reviews are out, 87 in Metacritic.


Fuck me, a good Spiderman game, I thought we’d never see another one.

Hopefully this one focuses on the web swinging a lot more than previous games. It’s basically the unique selling point of Spiderman and has been criminally underutilised


Pre orded spiderman soon has they said its mechanics are simarly to the Arkham games I was sold