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Last of us 2

Ghost of Tsushima


From the makers of the Yakuza series.


Sweet :fire:

Starts today



Let us know how it is



Tried the PES 2019 demo last night. They’ve done a complete overhaul on the graphics - stunning! And with better gameplay than Fifa, I can easily see another year on top for PES.


Just tried the demo as well. The graphics are indeed stunning, I actually watched the whole match opening sequence in awe. Atmosphere, player faces, perfect.

Gameplay looks much better too. KONAMI did a great job


The gameplay on the PES 2019 demo is sensational.


It really is fantastic. Pre-ordered for next week!


Yes mate I’ve done the same. This year it’s just hit a pristine level they’ve been building towards for years.

As a simulated football match experience with the drama, skill and tactical warfare involved it’s completely unmatched now. It is a big step up from previous years.

Loving the battle between pressing and build up. Such a joy to engage in for a purist.

This is the game that can revitalise the people that have fallen out of love with football games and want that true joy of scoring goals again, like the old days.


Ive always said PES is for the purists!

In other news, this arrived a day early :heart_eyes:


Konami finally getting the best out of the FOX engine.


YASSSSS i’ve got mine supposedly coming tomorrow but who knows maybe it will show up today and i’ll get lucky like you!


Yakuza Kiwami 2?



Godriano :heart_eyes: @Electrifying @SRCJJ


Man, the days of playing with Adriano and Recoba on PES. I feel old af now :sleepy:


Cambiasso was my Pro Evo guy. What a baller


I suggest everyone try out PES 2019 demo. You’ll lose your shit when you see what they did with Camp Nou.
My worry about PES is that not everyone will get the Barca treatment. Plus, the online experience is still miles away from FIFA.


I will in fact give zero shits.


Recoba was such a left footed DON on Pes.