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It’s very cool to have the option, It’s a sign the game has real depth. I remember watching a video how minimaps were generally introduce to gaming simplify things and appeal to more people.

Would have been so fun to play RDR3 and the Witcher 3 with no map from the start. You have no option but to explore the open world, that would have been a truly immersive experience.

Maybe I’ll do it Red dead is ever released on PC


Haha, my thoughts exactly, in theory you are thinking wow that’s amazingly immersive, ten minutes in the game would be deleted off my hard drive. As I’ve got older I’ve fallen out of love with sandbox games, and find them unplayable unless they have fast travel. Witcher 3 was probably the only recent game I spent time exploring the map because it was designed with such attention to detail.


I’m replaying Arkham City now and that’s OK without fast travel because gliding, dive bombing and hook shotting around the city is one of the funnest things about the game for me.

But generally I agree, fast travel is an absolute necessity for sandbox games. The original RDR had the option so it should feature here too unless they’ve lost their minds.


Spiderman’s fast traveling pretty good but why would you want to use it when it so much fun to swing through the city.

Tho looking forward to RDRD2 but like you guys all these boring adult commitments mean I wont finish the game for ages


Yeh the Batman games are excellent for it, Gotham feels really tightly designed, it’s super atmospheric and the range of travel is genuinely fun. Too many games make it a chore. I’m pretty excited for the new spiderman for these reasons we’ve mentioned but I’ll probably wait till it drops in price a little before I pick it up.


Yet the core marketing and hype for this game revolves around a never before seen attention to detail, across every godforsaken blade of grass in the Wild West.

If The Witcher was your exception, there’s no reason RDR2 couldn’t match it.


Oh don’t get me wrong I think it’s going to be a blast but I do feel the last Red Dead was hyped up as being this revolutionary immersive sandbox experience too and I felt while it did so much right it was a tiny bit over-hyped. I’m not saying this will be the same for Red Dead 2 but I don’t have as much faith in Rockstar as I used to. You can only play so many GTA’s and RDR’s before you get a bit fed up with the same old formula. Witcher broke the mould for me.

But yeh I definitely will take my time with this and while I’m probably going to use the mini-map- like a filthy casual- I will try to make the most of what it has to offer.



That’s outrageous! Who’s getting it? I read it’s sold out everywhere :smiley:


Don’t really play games but I’ve just seen it on Amazon. If I order I now I’ll have it by the time I get home… tempting.


Opted to get it on the X1X rather than the Pro as its native 4k on xbox.

2 disc install, 42gb on each. Wowza. Have we had a two disc game yet this gen?


Still awaiting my copy to turn up, what a shit show!


Release on PC!




Goodbye social life :joy::joy:


So long, cowboy.


5 min in, and all I’m doing is playing in the snow :stuck_out_tongue:


How are the graphics?


Nothing ground breaking. But the snow physics is 10/10


Got it on xbox one x, looks amazing!


Y’all mother fuckers need Jesus