Upcoming Video Games

I like remastered games, when its actually worth the game being remastered.

Playing the same GTA for the last decade is not worthy of another remaster when it has already come out multiple times. Give us something new Rockstar you cunts.


@Castiel How’s this for creativity?

Looks an absolute home run.

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Looks like a reskinned Dishonored but I’m ok with that

Have you played it? This is one of the true next generation games out at the moment.

I really wouldn’t mind trying it, I was going to order it at launch but it was too expensive, I also didn’t realize it would take so long to be released. I think what a lot of people who don’t have the next generation consoles don’t understand is that their isn’t a plethora of games out there at the moment.

I’ve had my PS5 for the best part of a year and have played one exciting next generation title in Resident Evil The Village. Cyberpunk was ok but obviously highly contraversial. I’ve spent most of my time in the PS Now collection playing older PS4 games. Not exactly what you want from an £400 investment and a TV with 4k.

It’s been a bit shit tbh, really thought a new catalogue of games would come with the next generation but it’s not been that way at all. Obviously Covid has played a part but I do think the industry is losing sight of ambition.

Project Eve does look quality though,

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Bought Deathloop last night having seen all the love for it. Would have been an inevitable purchase either way so might as well take the plunge now. Looks like a very creative and enjoyable experience that can constantly evolve with new maps and storylines.

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Let me know how you get on, I might buy it when it drops in price a little. Great to finally see a next generation only title on the cards.