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This hilariously happened today with a US retailer. They canceled almost 98,000 PS5 orders but now have to honor their policy of accepting store cash. If you ordered a PS5 you essentially get a free $180 :joy:

Someone needs to change the thread title from Video Games to Scalpers R Us.


I hate the idea that anyone would buy a console in high demand just to sell it on for some profit. I actually find the idea deplorable.

Take from someone who can’t get one due to the high demand so you can make an extra couple hundred pounds.

Same as people who buy concert tickets to resell them

Not everything needs to be a business opportunity.


I got one so it’s not even that but I think it’s some low life shit. Could have probably ordered more if I had wanted but I’d much rather the next dude in line gets one at a fair price with a fair warranty.

With all that’s going on in the world at the moment with the pandemic and everyone’s mental health in the gutter it’s nothing short of parasitic.

My morale compass ain’t even that delicate but I really don’t like this, or cunts who we’re hoarding supplies, necessities at the start of the pandemic when vaulnerable people couldn’t get them.

I know the PS isn’t a necessity but if you’re going to do this scalping shite at least have the decency not to brag about fucking other people over. The amount of pictures of people posting their stock on Reddit is honestly just sad.

Hope Sony release a big burst of stock so all the real gamers can get their hands on one and the scalpers are left with their dicks in their hands.


Yeah it’s bullshit. A PlayStation might not be an essential piece of equipment but at a time like this you’re fleecing peoples already stretched pockets for your own gain.

I wish I was able to get one but I didn’t get the stock and now it means I’m finding all kinds of unhealthy (to me personally) ways to entertain myself during what looks like it’s going to be another long ride of the lockdown.

All for a little bit of money. But in my eyes, if you can afford to buy out 4 or 5 pieces of an expensive console then you don’t really need the money. You’re just being greedy.

As you said - parasitic.


Yeh man I love Sony but I think they should have done better by their fans with this release. I’ve read loads of places say there will be more bursts of stock before Xmas.

2 things helped me get one, I checked the Hotdealsuk PS5 thread daily and people update it by letting everyone know when places like game have some random stock ie returns, cancellations, scalping cunts changing their minds.

And this site here which gives live notification updates when new stuff comes in.

If I see any pop up I’ll PM you or post in this thread so everyone who wants one can have a look but honestly it’s pretty much just a mind numbing grind of checking places every day and once you get it in your basket it can take like a thousand attempts to checkout.

God help us though we all could use a little escapism this winter with arsenal being shit and the PS is a fantastic little piece of kit. So here’s hoping everyone can land one before Xmas.


My guy!! Thanks bro, hopefully I can pick one up. Wanted to buy my younger brother one more then one for myself but couldn’t even dream of that because some people think it’s cool to buy one and then sell it for double the price.

Might meet one of them from Shpock and just give them the RRP when I meet them. What can they do about it lol


They’ll see you an even offer a black Friday discount. :joy:

@Castiel @SRCJJ it’s ridiculous and laughable that you two try to shame scalpers when video game companies are notorious for taking advantage of their customers. You even admit it’s not a necessity so why cry about it? There’s infinitely available entertainment if mental health is your concern. There’s also plenty of other consoles readily available you just want the new one that all the cool kids have.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

That’s just not true and a needless attempt to reshape what’s nothing but straight up hustling. Fuck all to do with who’s a real gamer.


You saw a quick buck end of why are you trying to add a layer of righteousness to it lol


How about you read the entire post first. The ones adding a layer of righteousness are ones complaining about scalpers calling people parasites and crying about how not getting a PS5 is ruining their mental health.

Yeah it’s a hustle, so the fuck what?

True for most of my circle. Nearly everyone who I play with successfully preordered. You can easily tell if you also look at neogaf and resetera forums.

Nonetheless why can’t it also be a hustle. I made pocket change, funded my trip to dubai for December I honestly couldn’t care lol.

Back to topic, spiderman Remastered is glorious. Just gave it a go last night.

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Came with my copy of Miles Morales—can’t wait to play both.

@Midfield_Maestro how’s PES21 on the 5?

He couldn’t say, Naweed bought all the copies and won’t sell them for less than 100 quid.


It wasn’t my intention to flex, its merely a coincidence that the only times I’ve posted in 2020 its been in threads that allow me to flex about my finances.


Threads that are most interesting to me. Is that a problem?

No, just think you’re talking shit saying your intention wasn’t to show off.


Yeah, I just thought fuck it. Let me rub it in. Didn’t think people would end up being so caught up about it. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings and ruined your Christmas or your chances for new generation gaming this year.