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First thing I did was hop in that 1991 Mclaren and took it for a spin. I love that car, best looking livery of all time imo, Penske had the same in Indycar in the early 90’s. I’ve been putting all my resource points into reliability, that’s it. My car is getting better but still a long ways to go. I’m way off the championship I’ve done well in several races but I drive the car too hard so I’m always having to pit so I’m in like 5th or 6th. Pretty sure I’ll get a better offer once the season is over and maybe then I’ll get onto Haas. I really want to replace Bottas on Mercedes eventually.


“Don’t worry, this doesn’t affect combat. Just every other aspect of your whole life.” :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Paris game week and Sony gave us these trailers

Detroit becoming human. Love games like this with so many branching story options

The last of us 2

Marvels spiderman

Shadow of collossus

Ghost of Tsushima

Monster hunter world trailer


My Xbox One X just arrived whoop


Any good?

Allready have a Xbox s but hardly gets played on due to lack off games.


Yeah really good. Everything is min 60fps. Graphics noticably improved too. MS have patched a vast amount of games for 4k support which is decent.


So what was the point of me getting a one S? I thought I was getting a bargain at £150 back in march? Is it not fully 4K like the PS4 pro?


Correct. It just supports HDR but not 4k.

Only the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X do. But the X1X is more powerful than the Pro.


Ah well I’ve only got forza H 3 on Xbox for now anyway, and cod remastered but my Sony tv upscale so well I can barely tell the difference between original PS4 and The pro…


@Arsenal4thetreble @Midfield_Maestro @Mysty

Just bought F1 2017 cos it looked good on YouTube and I have to virtually right some wrongs in the real life season (Seb :facepalm: )

It’s awesome I’m addicted to the career mode and the classic cars are great.

Also how good is the soundtrack? It gets me HYPED before I kick some Honda ass.

Started off at Sauber before I make a name for myself and graduate to the Scuderia.


Worth full asking price? I wish they’d get it out early in the season…


Quite possibly , but not played enough to know for sure.

I got it for £35


Lol same, started at Sauber and was hoping for a williams/haas/renault contract offer but I kicked so much ass Mercedes, Ferrari, and Red Bull came in for me right away. I was playing on an easier difficulty level though just to get used to the game and winning the title with Sauber lol.


F1 is awesome. It takes up most of my gaming time. Did a season with Haas (on skill 90, 50% races), got a couple of podiums due to fuck ups but mainly finished 7th-10th.

Got offered to be Mercs 2nd driver with Lewis for 2nd season and took it. Came 2nd in Aus behind Raikonnen who finished 14secs ahead. The Ferrari R and D is quite a leap from the mercs so Ive got a challenge.


I’m driving on 80 but I’m shite right now having to liberally use the flashbacks (especially Monaco which was a bitch)

Yeah Kimi for some reason is a monster in the game lol

@Arsenal4thetreble :arteta: that’s the kind of shit I did in F1 championship edition back in the day, set difficulty to easy and won the title with Midland F1.


Are u guys using the controller or an actual wheel? I hear the wheel is so much easier.


I use flashbacks too but try not to take the piss.

Im using a controller but yes a wheel is much more precise and less harsh on the tyres. With a controller youre nearly full locking all the time.


I don’t use flashbacks, whatever happens happens lol. It’s fucked me a few times. Rain stops at the last minute of qualifying and everyone is out there on softs when I qualified on intermediates lol. Or someone will spin you out on the first lap…they usually won’t receive a penalty either :expressionless: fucks you for the race but it’s more fun to try and work your way back through the field. Happened to me in malaysia and I fought my way back up to a podium finish only to run out of fuel in the last couple turns and limp my way to 11th :joy:


Need to stick it in lean mix from time to time lol.

Tbf the flashbacks for me are usually in those bloody practice programmes, can never get the tyre wear or fuel saving right.


I dont bother with the tyre wear R&D, just never works for my style of driving.

Just had my 2nd race of the season in China and it was crazy. Variable conditions in qualy messed up the starting grid big time. You had a Torro Rosso in pole with Saubers in the top 6 and shit. Myself and Hamilton were 15th and 16th. Vettel was like 14th.

I deliberatly took the opportunity to order extra parts and change all my engine components and gearbox to brand new, moving me only 4 places back to 20th for the start.

I went for an agressive two stop, starting on softs, softs again then a final stint on supers. I started well and was up to 13th after the first lap. The grid was so messed up their were battles all over the place for the first 10 laps.

I was 3rd by first pit, my rival for the race was Verstappen who was doing a one stopper, softs then meds. Raik was flying ahead as usual somehow. After my first stop I had to get a big lead on Max due to me having to stop again. Came out after my last stop 9 secs behind Max with around 8 laps to go. Punched it on the supers and caught him on the final lap. Got into DRS and smashed him down the 1km straight. Pipped 2nd by half a second. Enthralling.