Upcoming Video Games




Omg omg omg :drooling_face: I’ve just heard of this game…

Xbox one and PC if you’re interested here’s a good video about the games contents. Game is gonna be littttt :fire:




Will probs buy a play station to play Red Dead


God I really need a PS4 Pro and new TV for Red Dead.




Far Cry 3 returning for PS4 and Xbox One.


Theme Hospital 2 finally happens! Loved this game when I was a kid


Far Cry 5 coming out in 2 days :pray:
Can’t wait


Ahhh this game is something else. Stunning! I can already say it’s easily the best Far Cry since 3 and possibly the best in the series. The scale is superb, the mechanics have improved considerably and the overall immersion in the story and free roam is top drawer. I don’t actually wanna hit the hay after digging into the first two hours of that lol. I think it’s gonna shock a lot of people how good it is. Seems like AC Origins may have sparked a whole new era for Ubisoft.


Actually picked this up for some reason knowing absolutely nothing about the game.

Only managed to put an hour into it so far but can’t wait to bang it out on the weekend.

Oh yeah, love the bow!


Haha yeah can’t play Far Cry without a bow. Dropped my assault rifle without hesitation :smiley:


Jurassic world evolution
This looks amazing been waiting years for a now jp operation genesis


Can you create your own dinosaur? If i understand it well, it works in this way.


Going off the videos it looks you just bring back the Dino to live has they do in the first Jurassic Park film but you can splice the Dino dna with certain animals so if you splice the sharks dna with a Dino dna it’s makes them tough to resist the common cold and some dna changes alters the colours off the skin but nothing else that would change it’s apprences like the i-Rex in Jurassic world




Kiwami 2 out August!!!

Get six, 3,4 and download 5 and you’re sorted and up to date!!



3, 4 and 5 are on the old gen though? Was hoping they would get remastered.

Are they available for download for ps4/x1x?


Not sure think 5 should be cos it’s download only, at least on the PS3.

But I think they are PS3 only for now.