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Because they’ve proved over and over that they only care about micro transactions and not about making good games. That’s where the money is, so it’s a bit greedy, but I wouldn’t mind so much if they actual made good games.

All FIFA is now is FUT because they make millions of dollars through people who buy the packs. They focus all their reources there while letting other modes of the game suffer. They’ve hardly touched manager mode which has been my favorite mode of the game for years. I’m gonna do Football Manager or PES this year.

Also the battlefront 1 debacle is what kind of broke the camels back for me. They released a game about 50% complete, expected everyone to pay $60 for it. To get the completed game you had to buy the DLC for another $30.

I’m just really tired of that model, and I want to reward a good company with my money, a company that actually releases finished games that they took the time to develop. EA to me is just about grabbing that cash the easiest way possible.


Had mine pre ordered since May lol. Yakuza will give me my Japanese fix till Shemnue 3


This friday. Wouldnt say its my most anticipated per se…its just coming out first lol. Im a massive F1 fan though. Used to race in online leagues about 5 yrs ago haha.


Nice, yeah I’ve been wanting a good open wheel racing simulator for a while now to get into, is the career mode good?

Kinda gutted, I had $300 worth of Amazon gift cards I get through my credit card company and I was waiting for some good games and then my 3 year old breaks grandma and grandpas tv. Fack there goes that $300 :neutral_face:


Gaming season begins


Who the fuck are these Theo walcott and Toni Kroos looking mother fuckers?


Sweet ordered F1 today too!!


Is it better then last years? And has it got a career mode?


Havent had a chance to play it yet but I’ll let you know what its like when I do



Woop woop



How did you get yours so early?!
Mine still says Tuesday!!!


Just got posted. Pre order from ShopTo. They’re normally on the ball with releases. Probably got it early due to bank hols


Bastard I got mine off Amazon. I’ll make sure to keep a note of that for next time. Enjoy!


Got mine now too!!


F1 2017 is legit AF addicted to the career mode atm. Have you started yet @Midfield_Maestro ?


whys it so good buddy?


I’ve been really wanting a good open wheel racing sim for a long time, and this totally hits the spot. The career mode is just really in depth. To the point where you can change the entire setup of the car. You can drive on track certain ways to save your fuel or tires etc. In the garage you have to monitor various different parts of your car to reduce wear. If you push it too hard you will break components of your engine etc. They have this cool rivalry thing in career mode which is pretty fun as well. My rival is my teammate and I’m making him look like shit lol. It’s a legit simulator, for auto sports fans to really geek out on.


It’s not really a simulator @Arsenal4thetreble :smiley: But it is a very good I’ll give you that. They’ve really worked hard on improving a lot of the aspects for the game that give it a pretty well rounded experience, I’m quite impressed by what they’ve managed to put together.

What team you driving for, what level is the difficulity you got it on?


First time playing ever so I’ve got it on easy mode. I’m driving for Sauber. I figured I’d start at the lowest level and try to work my way up. It is a little easy as far as the competition is concerned, bar Monaco that fucking track is a shit show on this game. I’ve won like 3 races and I’m about half way through the season. However setting up the car and trying to drive in a way that keeps the car from falling apart is the real challenge. The rivalries thing is pretty awesome as well. I destroyed my teammate Ericcson, and Grossjean was absolutely demolished as well :slight_smile:


I’d have thought as a Yankie, you’d have wanted to start at Haas :theo: Have you had much chance to play the classic cars at all? If you keep gathering up resource points you can put them towards improving reliabliity, so you can worry less about looking after the car. If you win the title, me thinks you should up the difficulity for the following season to medium :smiley: But glad you’re having fun man.