Upcoming Video Games

It’s not just the second hand market, the first hand market will be crushed too. Shops aren’t going to stock many/any games if 90% of console owners can’t buy them.

It’s not progress towards some superior digital utopia, it’s entirely for vendor lock-in.


Pre-orders have actually opened for the UK already.
You can pre-order it online from Game UK and Smyths Toys.
There was a rumour recently of limited supply so if you really want yours on launch you better hurry. Booked mine. :call_me_hand:

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It’s been completely removed from Amazon UK. They had it up with sign-ups for pre-ordering. But it doesn’t come up at all now.

That’s the issue in the future, Sony have already said their first party games are 70 dollars or 80 euros so I can only assume its in between 70 and 80 quid per first party game at launch.


Yeah, they did that this morning. Knowing Amazon it will be out of stock by the end of the day once they go live tomorrow.
Spent an hour on Game trying to get my pre-order in but requests were timing out or the page was crashing.
Ended up going with Smyths Toys.

Smyths Toys:


Just the regular PS5 at the moment not the Digital Edition as of yet.

Everything was in stock when I got mine pre-ordered.
Checked Twitter a while ago and seems like most sites can’t process any pre-orders now or are out of stock. There’s a lot of outrage from people.
Worth keeping an eye on the situation tomorrow.

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Ffs Had to preorder the regular PS5 as the digital one was out of stock! Even though I got my notification at midnight. Ordered the Pulse headphones and Demon souls as well. Sold out out now every where!

Fucking wallet will be taking a hit this year with the new iPhone, watch and pixel all coming same time.

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You do have the option not to buy them :grin:

Out of interest, why would you buy the new iPhone and new Google phone?

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Yep. Got the email from Amazon last night. Says currently unavailable now.

I’ve never per-ordered a console in my life, but I have been missing a PS as I didn’t get the PS4. But I had more important things this morning, so I missed the 9am time. My son had a fever and headache at the weekend, all good by Monday but didn’t send him to nursery as per regulations. Getting a covid test is nearly impossible. Privately purchased one finally arrived this morning and that was traumatic for all of us. So a PS5 pre-order wasn’t on my mind until now. I even missed a work call as it completely slipped my mind.

I’ll just have to wait. I’m hoping at some point Amazon will offer to let you pay in installments or somewhere that uses the Klarna pay in 3 months will have it in stock. Would rather not put it on my credit card.


Haha love you trying to ignite another smart phone civil war.

But yes I too would like to know why he’s buying a disgusting cuck iphone when he’s getting a chad google Pixel.


My intention was to ask why someone would buy both. I would never try to stoke the flames of controversy on such a sensitive topic.


I’m in absolute disbelief that its 70 fucking quid.


I have two sims, and for Android I have to use the stock one for software reasons. Plus I love tech so pretty much since I can remember I have had an IPhone/Blackberry then IPhone/Nexus And from 2016 iPhone/Pixel. I’ll get the new phones and then shot the older ones on Mazuma, get a good fee back on the iPhones but the androids always take a hit on the sell back value.


Unfortunately every iteration of android since 2016/7 has attempted to be more like IOS and iOS has become more and more like android, however IOS is much smoother has better app quality and gap in features really isn’t that much anymore plus iPhones tend to hold their value over the yearly refresh cycle and you can recoup anywhere upto half its value even a year later. The new iOS going add app drawers as well so they will be even more similar. I used to be in the android camp, but honestly Android phones especially Google’s supposed flagship are mostly underwhelming and if I had to recommend what phone people should buy I would 100% recommend an iPhone over an android 10 times out of 10 now.

I do miss my iPhone sometimes, but I just refuse to pay those prices and won’t go back to contracts. I don’t need the full specs, but I find the photo quality drops much more from top end iPhones to the more budget ones than the Pixel. This time I opted for the Pixel 3a. I don’t really game on my phone much, so don’t need the higher specs and I could buy this outright. But there are times when the screen freezes and it really irritates me. I tried the OnePlus and have played with Samsung, but don’t really like either. OnePlus is too big, but I do love the reading mode, so wish Google would bring that into core Android. But nothing can beat just how smooth and iPhone it. I just got tired of the battery issues and contracts. Their phone prices have gone through the roof.

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Yeah the prices seem to get more and more ridiculous every year. Apple seem to be trying address this with 11, XR and SE variants that are cheaper. However the good thing with iPhones compared to Android devices (with out going into a software discussion) is that they don’t depreciate in value as much and there is always a market to resell.

Just a quick search on Mazuma, and we can that both IPhone variants after a year are worth half, where as the Samsung devices which are only 4 months old have dropped to below half the value and the pixels which are 10 months old are nearly a quarter of the value. Both Android phones will continue to go down in value, where as the phones will stay the same. So when you sell it your getting half of what you paid back, leaving £600 something which if you work out is £1.62p a day to use what in my opinion is currently the best overall phone on the market.

I will say though that for just pure still photos the pixel is still the best. This year only slightly betters the much improved iPhone camera. Which isn’t bad if you got kids and the only camera you have on you is a phone.

The pixel 4 xl is 560 new the pro 512gb is 1399 new on both official websites.

Yet which camera is better did you say?

Yeah that’s now, on release the Pixel 4XL was Just over a grand for only 128gb of storage as well!

This is from when I ordered the club back in November!

For still pictures I think the Pixel is better, Google’s algorithm for post processing is some kind of magic. However overall for everything else I.e videos, video sound quality, wide angle shots etc… the IPhone is better. The last generation of phones the Pixel has by far the better camera, this year it’s still photos are only slightly better than the iPhone. Plus for some unknown reason google removed the wide angle lense and added a telephoto, where as the iPhone camera has both.

Oh so only a ps5 cheaper with a better camera :wink:

Resale wise as in your post before hand, your iPhone has dropped 800 quid and the pixel 700.

Its just pro consumer of Google to offer such a high spec phone for 560 brand new when it’s out of date rather than retain the full sale price like Apple does.

I’m only playing i dont want a phone war because I aint really loyal to a brand, I dont give a crap, aslong as its good value. I like trying different phones every time my contract renews, I even went with one of those Nokia windows phones that came out 8 or so years ago and loved it because it was different.

On Topic, im super pumped for the Hogwarts game, the new Call of Duty and Cyberpunk. They can’t come out soon enough, getting kinda bored of warzone at this point and nothings really dragging me in