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That evil kid will be a geriatric by the time s3 comes around

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thought it was boring AF

It grows on you.

When there are series set in the 70s, you’re onto a dead cert.

If Mindhunter was on Sky, it’d get GoT-like coverage

I lost interest a couple of episodes in too tbh. Will give it another go sometime though.


The first 2 episodes are really higgeldy-piggeldy. You have no idea about what direction the series is going to take and what the premise is.

You end up thinking it could just be overrated Netflix shit like ‘You’.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised as to how good it is :grin:

Nah I think I got the premise pretty well to be honest but I think my problem was I’d watched Manhunt which was about the Unabomber just before and that was only OK so the episodes I did watch felt a bit samey and I dropped it.

Like I say, have read enough good stuff about it that I know I will go back to it at some stage. :slight_smile:

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Try the Killer Across the Table audiobook as a substitute. It further explores the profiling work of John Douglas and takes a closer look at the actual interviews

It’s narrated by Jonathan Groff too :heart_eyes:



Chris Rock :smiley:

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When is Fargo restarting @Gladiator?


You realise that this isn’t your girlfriend’s facebook wall, right?

I’m pretty sure OA does not care about a sequel to that shitty film bro


Wes Anderson does a Wes Anderson.

P.S. Lea. :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :kissing_heart:

Always felt like Wes Anderson is the director I should love but just don’t.

Aye, I love his work but he’s the type of person I’d normally find pretentious and cringe and one to avoid but somehow he just does it for me. I always look forward to his stuff.

You truly are McPersona :wenger2: :wenger2:


@Phoebica @Gladiator thoughts?


It was shit in the first place.