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Blade runner 2049


Gonna watch this because I like Brad.

That ‘motherfucker’ line. :joy:


^^ Same, reputation may have taken a bit of a battering just recently, but still s fantastic actor.

Watched Alien: Covenant last night, really good follow up to Prometheus, go see it!


On my way now!! Cannae wait.

Bug news: Netflix are making a series out of The Witcher books!!


Just found out they’re remaking The Intouchables in the US. Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston.



Hmmm, feels unnecessary given how fucking brilliant the first one was yet the Americans and Brits are so fucking reluctant to watch subtitled movies I guess it makes sense.

Kevin Hart seems like a silly casting choice.


What about Jamestown then? Historical drama, alluding to the fact that men are basically screwed without women :speak_no_evil:


Its gonna suck dick isnt it?

My friend recommended i watch this with him. It was really good.

Replacing Omar Sy with Kevin Hart lol.


I watched the first episode but couldn’t get past it’s terrible British production quality. I wrote my dis on Jamestown and Roanoke not that long ago so doubt I’d have enjoyed as I’d be forever poking holes in the historical parts but they’ve covered a period that was quite late into the project.

The first number of years at Jamestown are when shit got really wild, they went through a number of starving times that saw some hungry bloke canabalize his wife then get burnt at the stake for it.

Might give it another bash if the reviews pick up but it felt like I was watching an elaborate episode of Cornation street with a historical backdrop.


New Twin Peaks starts tomorrow!


American Gods 3 eps in and its wierd as shit but quite enjoyable, bit near the mark… And Ian McShane is alway worth a watch…


I’m loving it. The show literally doesn’t give a fuck.


The leprechaun is stealing it so far… Mental.


Yeh not going to lie was a little excited to see him back in it so quickly. He’s cool as fuck, they’re nothing like that in real life.


So is Jamestown based on any single historical event that happened, or is it just an entirely fictionalised account of how an embryonic society gets going on the other side of the pond


Other than the colony itself I’m not sure how accurate the show would be in any form. Jamestown was set up in 1607 and the show takes place in 1617.

Which is kinda strange because like I said there is a lot of early non-fictional material that would lend well to a gritty dramatization, such of the story of a young Pocahontas saving Captain John Smith from getting his head bashed in by Powhatan natives.

I think the creators of Downtown Abbey are just cashing in on their success and repackaging it. Which is sad because it’s a remarkable story that not many people know about and if HBO/AMC were to pick it up it could be an incredible piece of television.


Never would’ve had you pegged as the Jamestown historian.


Didn’t you hear @Cristo the other day, I’m a dastardly traitor to my Imperial heritage. Long live Santa.


Your American could use some work tho.