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WWII flick about Winston Churchill.

This is a picture of Gary Oldman as Churchill. Amazing!

Westworld’s pilot is intriguing as fuck. Conceptually it’s not immediately apparent what’s going on, which makes it quite interesting. Really enjoyed the orchestral renditions of Paint it Black and Black Hole Sun.


Trailer for Scorsese’s new film:

Looks like his most interesting film since…I dunno, something from the 90’s I suppose. He’s been wanting to make this one for decades, so you’d expect it to look superb.

This is the trailer for Cars 3. People saying it’s too dark for a kids film.

Flip… Daniel Bruehl, Brendan Gleeson, Nazi Germany. I’ll probably see it.

Love the alien series apart from resurrection. So looking forward to this one

Hell or High Water was incredible

Kong: Skull Island

Looking forward to this.

This is the biggest Kong to date which imho suggests maybe a Kong v Godzilla remake. possible a Godzilla/Kong crossover with Pacific Rim.


its Happening @g4e its in cinema’s 2020 and this kong is a jnr at the minute so by time it comes to him meeting Godzilla he should be about equal size.


Ahhhh is that how it works? Didn’t realise he wasn’t fully grown

Woody Harrelson is going to make a film in 2 hours in London, streaming it live into cinemas.

Saw Asassins Creed last night. Thought it was pretty good yo.

Only just seen this now. Looks fucking sick.

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Archer Season 8



Main films i’ll be looking forward to this year would be Alien Covenant, Dunkirk, Star Wars Episode VIII, Dark Tower (Stephen King)

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you watching this tonight?

Looks really good IMO. looking forward to it

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Posted about this in this very thread on the old site. :slight_smile: Sounded interesting. Didn’t think much of the trailer tbh. But, I’ll probably watch it. If not tonight then at some point.

A little late but what is the opinion on here on the Dark Tower trailer?