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If you haven’t seen the joker I highly recommend it

I think I’m the only individual in the world who thinks Band of Brothers was overrated, Americo-centric tripe :joy:

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No your not.

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On Netflix now

Looks good


Never played the game but love this type of fantasy drama. I’m all in.

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Is that superman

nah it’s Geralt

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Literally ordered Witcher 3 off the back of what I’ve read about this show. Apparently it’s one of the best current gen games ever made. Surprised I slept on it for so long


Also get both the DLC


Bought the game of the year edition which includes the DLC. Got the lil’ bitch sitting right here, will get cracking into it at some point this week.

Had no idea it was an open world type game. The last game I played of this genre was Skyrim (on PC) and I poured fucking days of gameplay into it. Looking forward to a similar sort of experience with this one.

@Cristo I only did a brief search for the books - are they translated into English anywhere. From what I saw, the originals were in Polish and wasn’t immediately obvious what order to read the stuff I did find.


Yeah they’ve all been translated, start with the Last Wish.

They’re really good, Waterstones will have them.

Great books, even better game. Witcher 3 is so fucking sick goddamn I spent like 150 hours on that game.


Completed it 3 times from scratch.

Amazing game. Game of the generation for me. Shits on Skyrim.

The books are quality and have all been translated, but some of them the translation is a bit dodgy. But nothing you can’t understand.

I read the books after completing the Witcher 3.


Same here! I got into the books after completing the game.

Such a sick experience.

I never even noticed any translation issues ever.

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Also play Gwent, such a great little mini game and unlocks some cool quests down the line.


Back on the topic of the show, Henry Cavill always look like a don in trailers. The most Superman looking bloke ever, and then looks like a complete badass in this Witcher trailer too. Hopefully this excels where the recent Superman films didn’t…

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I reckon as long as they don’t decide to CGI the facial hair off his face in post everything should be ok


If I understand correct , hes actually an avid gamer and when he heard about a Witcher adaption he wanted the role. So hopefully when the lead character is passionate about the project it should do well! Hopefully…

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