Unsung Hero of the Year 2016

This poll will close on Thursday 15th December 19:00

  • A.F.
  • Burgundy
  • CunningLinguist
  • Hassassin
  • Electrifying
  • SDGooner
  • Stroller
  • TheSpecialCnut
  • Will24

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@A.F.@Burgundy @CunningLinguist @Hass @Electrifying @SDGooner @Stroller @TheSpecialCnut

Tough one, but decided to go with @stroller , been an excellent addition to OA since he joined two years ago and one of the older generation of fans :slight_smile:


yeah stroller got my vote aswell. :slight_smile:


Thanks @Mysty. Was surprised to get a nomination as I posted sparingly in pre season and at the start of the season. Was flat after last seasons failure tbh.
Honestly think id have jacked the game in by now if it hadnt been for OA tbh.


Tough call between @Stroller and @Hass. But went has, really great posters though.

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@Hass if only for winning username changing forever.

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@Stroller immediately stood out for me.

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Thanks for whoever nominated/voted for me :grinning:

Stroller for me like many here, he posts some very good stuff a majority of the time!


I feel like Hassan has been nominated for a few different awards over the years, so in my head I think he is fairly ‘sung’, deservedly so I hasten to add.

This to me looks the strongest category. Honestly could go to any one of them as they are all great posters.

Feel like for this to truly award the most unsung, the winner should be whoever gets the least votes. :giroud:


If there was one for most relevant in the current affairs youd piss that.
Your too high profile for unsung really mate.

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[quote=“Persona, post:11, topic:1008, full:true”]
This to me looks the strongest category. Honestly could go to any one of them as they are all great posters.
[/quote]To illustrate how strong and varied the award is, I received 25 different names for nominations for this one! :cech:

Some very good names missed out on this list, didn’t quite get enough votes to make it to the poll.

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Still very closely matched between Hassasin and Stroller with two days remaining :slight_smile:

It’s like picking between Atom and Humber ffs.

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Very close battle between stroller and Hassasin throughout the week, but stroller just edged it. Congrats on the victory, Sir! :slight_smile: Will we see a return of your George Graham avatar? :cristo:

Voting Results

@Stroller - 9 votes
@Hass - 7 votes
@Burgundy - 4 votes
@A.F - 2 votes
@CunningLinguist - 2 votes
@SDGooner - 2 votes
@TheSpecialCnut - 2 votes
@Electrifying - 1 vote
@will24 - 1 vote


Thank you to eveyone who took the time to vote. A bit humbled tbh.


Congrats mate you deffo deserved it.

And yay! I got a vote! Whoever voted for me I love you.