OA Awards 2016

The polls are now open! Polls will remain open until Thursday 15th December 7pm. So you have a full week to cast your vote for each poll.

Votes are annoymous btw! Have fun :smiley:

And special thanks to my good old buddy @Bl1nk for making the very cool award logos for each award :sunglasses:

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Should have made the votes public in regard to who voted for who.

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[quote=“Aussiegooner, post:81, topic:944, full:true”]
Should have made the votes public in regard to who voted for who.
[/quote]I gave it a lot of consideration, but in the end I felt I’d keep it at anonymous voting for a few reasons. Firstly, for tradition, as it’s always been hidden voting and a number of members prefer to not reveal their choices. But secondly, I figured, if people want to reveal, they can, which in turn can generate discussion and activity in the threads.

I wasn’t sure if by leaving it public, people wouldn’t be talking as much. I don’t know :slight_smile: Maybe it’s something open for debate for next year awards. For now, was better to keep it as familar as possible.


Out of curiosity, are nominations shared accross the admins and mods? Not that it matters tbh.

They’re mostly kept to myself, though I might let on about a couple of details and choices that have been made if there’s anything amusing or interest :henry2: Though I don’t reveal where the nominations came from.

Hey folks, you have just three days of voting left to decide this years awards. Activity in the threads has gone rather flat, so would be great to see voting and posting up again before the deadline ends on Thursday evening. Lot of awards still closely poised, so any extra votes will make all the difference. I’ll include direct links to all the awards below.

Apologies if you’ve already voted, just making sure no one misses out :slight_smile:

@AbouCuellar @BigWeng_4LYFE @A.F @arsenescoatmaker @AW49 @SuperArsenal1886 @Arsenalpredators @Arsenal @Aussiegooner @Burgundy @Bl1nk @BergkampsLoveChild @Br1t1shB33f @Bilalkhan_01 @Calum @CunningLinguist @Craigie @Castiel @Cristo @Cannon @Dr_Strangepass @Darkseid @DutchGooner @Drayton @DennisTheGod @Electrifying @Gio @Gunnerpr @giner @giner @GunnerGirl @Gladiator @Hass @g4e @HiArsebloc @InvincibleDB10 @I_W @ImmoralGunner @JakeyBoy @JohnnyH @Joshua @Judders @jmb27 @Joshua @james_19742000 @jonboylondon @Jules @Kaner @Kirk @k1tsun3 @ljungbergkamp @Leper @Luca_from_Italy @LukeTheGooner @LFS-forward @lengooner @Lister86 @LoTheGooner @Moondoggie @Midfield_Maestro @mhappy @Maxi_Gooner @Maverick79 @MO_OA49 @morrisc311 @NeedCoffee @Oliver @oompa @Ocke @Omniscient @Phoebica @Pfooty @PPB @Persona @Powderfinger @RichardDeP @ryaninho @ronniec @Robin_L @SRCJJ @SDGooner @sunny310c @Sol @shamrockgooner @SamInAus @Safe_Hands @Shill @Stroller @SEND-MONEY-NOW @sevchenko @SenorArsenal @SwissGooner @Titou14 @TheSpecialCnut @Trion @tone @Tonte @WestonGooner @wilshambition @will24 @YJYUX


There, I voted… where’s my sticker?


Have five :poldi: Thanks mate.


Oh, that’s cool! I watched you edit that post real time! I really dig the new forum.


I want the bumblebee one. Thanks.


You’re worse than my 5 year old.

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This was peak when you got them on your work in primary school haha


So we’re entering the final 24 hours of poll voting for this years award. If you still haven’t voted, or chosen to leave some until the last minute, you have until 7pm tomorrow to make your choices :slight_smile:

Can we vote for a “Hashtag of the Year” as well?

I’d vote for #shkodgoals


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I’m kinda bummed I’m not winning hipster of the year tbh :disappointed_relieved:


You had as much chance as us winning the Premier League…

Too soon?


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Gutted I barely got a vote for Hipster of the Year :pensive:

Mathematically I’m still in it!

Congrats to all the winners!

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