OA Awards 2016

How time flies by, it’s award season once again! This year, Shammy has opted to stand down from running the awards, so I’ll be stepping in :slight_smile:

Now obviously this year will be a lot different than normal on the basis of having changed Forums during the Summer, meaning we’ve lost half the posts and threads from this year. Not to mention more difficult to find stuff. Nonetheless I think we can still put together a good set of awards.

I won’t bother making a sub Forum for the awards as it seems pointless to do so, they’ll just stay in Cross Bar. Now is the time to suggest any ideas or things you’d like to see feature in the 2016 awards, what should stay, what would you like to see go? Should we keep it at 10 awards, or maybe less?

Nomination process will either start end of this week or next week.

For reference, here’s what awards were on offer last year.

Admin/Mod of the Year
Personality of the Year
Troll of the Year
Rivalry of the Year
Poster of the Year
Noob of the Year
Unsung Hero of the Year
Bromance of the Year
Post of the Year
Thread of the Year

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Mark of respect to retire best bromance after #teamgigi won it last year. @Persona

Cheers @Mysty

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inb4 Hipster of the year.


One award I’m very much thinking of ditching for this year is the Noob award. We really struggled for names last year and in all honesty this year, we’ve only had one active noob join which is Gunner Girl lol. So hardly seems worth having that award this year.

I’m going to do a mass tag (About 60 or so members) to speed up the process and get more thoughts from you guys for all the 2016 awards.

@AbouCuellar @BigWeng_4LYFE @A.F @arsenescoatmaker @AW49 @SuperArsenal1886 @Arsenal @Burgundy @Bl1nk @BergkampsLoveChild @Br1t1shB33f @Bilalkhan_01 @Calum @CunningLinguist @Craigie @Castiel @Cristo @Cannon @Dr_Strangepass @Darkseid @DutchGooner @Electrifying @Gio @Gunnerpr @giner @giner @GunnerGirl @Gladiator @Hass @HiArsebloc @InvincibleDB10 @I_W @ImmoralGunner @JakeyBoy @JohnnyH @Joshua @Kaner @Kirk @ljungbergkamp @Leper @Luca_from_Italy @LukeTheGooner @LFS-forward @lengooner @Lister86 @Midfield_Maestro @mhappy @Maxi_Gooner @Maverick79 @MO_OA49 @morrisc311 @NeedCoffee @Oliver @oompa @Ocke @PPB @Persona @Powderfinger @RichardDeP @ryaninho @ronniec @Robin_L @SRCJJ @SDGooner @Shill @Stroller @SEND-MONEY-NOW @TheSpecialCnut @Trion @tone @wilshambition @will24 @YJYUX


I’d give it to Drayton

Yeah if there’s only one real noob don’t hand that out it’s like a participation trophy, not that special.

It’s obviously AC :smile:

@GunnerGirl congrats on your victory.

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@Mysty I didn’t get the notification for @ everyone lol

Is that really all the members here? Man that’s actually so much fewer than I expected! I swear there were way more (including active ones) on the old forum?

[quote=“Calum, post:11, topic:944, full:true”]
@Mysty I didn’t get the notification for @ everyone lol
[/quote]Yeah I just realised after I did it that no one is actually in the everyone group, so it doesn’t work :sweat_smile:

So I’ve just manually tagged as many as I can think of. The tagging system is SO much easier on this, when all the names pop up for each letter :smiley:

That should get the ball rolling.

@Gio We have many more members than that, I just decided to tag the ones who are most likely to look at this thread. I’m not going to type out over 200-300 members :gunnersaurus:


AKB of the year please.

This would be my list.

Dark side turn of the year.

Many members turned from being pro to anti Wenger this year.

Im talking me, AC, sham, Jakey, AF(?) Dr Strangepass, Sol, SRCJJ etc etc etc

Who did the turn of the year?

There’s no way I’m only on that list as of this year. :slight_smile:

Lol i cant remember who turned when. I thought you might have been earlier

I’m a noob, and Luca has liked my posts most. What do I win?


Will put that award on my CV

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Bromance of the year is probably a dead race too (AbouCuellar/Burgundy).


Other than Noob/Bromance I think that is an okay list.

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Likers of the year :wenger:


Trion of the year.


Indian of the year