Unai Emery


Emery needs one more summer before even begining to judge. He’s still playing with Wenger’s remains ffs. This type of talk is way too early.


You would think we barely survived relegation the last couple of years with the pure hate Arsene and the squad get in here.


I bet Klopp’s team took more than just 2 weeks to master his pressing game, as did Pep’s. Your comments make sense in the here and now, with the current set of players but who is to say what might be the case in 18 months from now, when Unai has had sufficient time to suss the players and make the changes he wants over the next few transfer windows. Liverpool were a team that could score a lot of goals but also conceded as much because of a leaky defense and goalie, which they have only just fixed. Only now do they look like title contenders, and how many years and player transfers has Klopp needed to get them here?

Sam Allardyce’s comments are short sighted. Unai’s work is a long term project, not affected by the results of a few games. Unai has confidence in what he is doing and we as fans need to have patience. Give the man an honest chance.


Haha admit it you wish Wenger was still the manager. Get over him. He’s gone


Unai ain’t Arsene. He isn’t naiv in that he didn’t see how City and Chelsea pressed us high up. Yet the players continued to pass it out from the back, as per his instructions. No fault in trying to keep to your game plan. He did however adjust and instruct the tactics from the sideline which was clear in the Chelsea game. Last seasons they didn’t so clearly it’s Unai implementing his own tactics and strategy, which I find encouraging. Winning against the last two seasons champions was never likely beforehand and yet some people are acting surprised and shocked.


We might not have been in the relegation places but we were nearer the relegation places than we were to Man City.
We were also only a few points ahead of PL giants Burnley.

After two seasons out of the CL, while watching the club stagnating and being overtaken by all our rivals, don’t you think we needed a change of manager?

No one hates Wenger, they have just realised that going backwards Isn’t the direction for one of Europe’s top clubs.


Nah, my issue here is that people act like Unai came in to lead Wigan to title contenders. Obviously he needs time but cut the crap about what state Wenger left the club at. Thankfully we got a stadium, our facilities in general are top notch, we got some world class players(believe it or not) and we signed some proper talent in Torreira and Guendouzi this summer. Emery inherited a very good team that he should build on.
Make no mistake about it, while you highlight how our defensive faults were due to Wenger’s coaching you also need to blame that fiery 15 minute period we had at Stamford Bridge to Wenger-ball as well.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: Did it fuck

He left in a awful state. Gonna take us seasons to recover from his shit.


Can you construct a counter argument if you want to slam a take?


Wenger is a wonderful man, but his last latest 10 years was cringeworthy and hard to watch. He couldnt motivate his players anymore and his tactics(LOL) never changed.


Nah. Cause you are Wenger obsessed


I hate reading forums after two defeats with a new manager. It’s like people give Wenger 20 years time and still he gets pummelled every season by United, Chavs and City and Barca and Bayern, but that is all good.

But, let’s crucify Emery after two premier league games, against arguably two of the best teams in the league. :thinking:


Ok, cringeworthy. We have produced some brilliant football the last 10 years. As for Wenger not changing tactics I certainly wouldn’t agree. H used to use 4-4-2 back in the day. Changed to 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1 and even 3-5-2 in his last 2 seasons.
I would agree though that he lost the dressing room the past 2 years, at times not being able to motivate and shake the boys to bounce back faster. Playing favourites with Ozil and Alexis was certainly not a smart move from Arsene. Especially with the latter that while a brilliant footballer, can be pain in the ass as a teammate.


Thanks for proving my point. :+1: :grin:


Wenger did not leave the club in a mess but he did leave defence in a right old state…


Yep. I think it’s more shocking that we have been playing without a DM for so long and after signing Torreira we still don’t play with a DM.
I’m fuming at how careless and naive we are thinking we are so good that we don’t need a DM.


You do not know how long I have wanted a pure DM here. It pains me to see how much we could use destroyer type just sat in front of this defence…


:thinking: He didn’t? Well what did he leave it in? As it certainly wasn’t good


Not a single person actually acting like this.


If Gazidis and co. wanted to go all out and trust a manager why didn’t they go with Eddie Howe? British, young and and knows the league/country better.
We aren’t making top 6 this year anyway.