Unai Emery


Yea we are.


fucking misery guts…eddie howe, what a fucking joke.


It was in a position it should not be as we deserve to be in the CL and challenging for the title and I understand the reasons for Wenger leaving. But we were still winning cups and playing European football. Plus our squad has a fair share of quality players (just not in defence).

I certainly don’t agree with the amount of despair and doom that is bandied around many Arsenal fans at our current state. In the same fashion I wont be questioning Emery until he has a fair crack…


Will take anything that solves our defensive issues. I can’t believe how we got worse defensively from last year.
We should be all over Allegri next season.Give him whatever as long as he comes.


I think we will - if he sorts the away form a bit we could end up top four I’m sure. There is goals in this side and creativity. Emery just needs to redress the balance and we have signed defensive players.

I have faith in Emery - he’s no mug and he has a strong CV despite other misgivings.


Dunno. I don’t think he is the right man atm. He can prove me wrong but since the Lazio friendly I see a lot of things I don’t like. Can’t believe how we got outplayed by this West Ham side. They looked awful in the last two games.


You’re actually ridiculous.

Like properly ridiculous.


anyone that would want eddie howe over emery has to have some major agenda…or is just plain loopy.


Fucking top notch bait, I see you’ve already got numerous bites.

Well done buddy :arteta:




boring troll.


He is right at times west ham outplayed us a better team would of ripped us apart. You can’t let a player run 40yards over and over again without putting in a challenge.




Looks like he has one upped @Arsenal4thetreble in the running for board troll of the year.


Liked seeing the subs early as they made a big difference.

Would like to see Lucas or Elney over Xhaka next game. Xhaka can’t protect the backline, definitely not with a high line.


Are people actually naive enough to think any manager would come in and solve these problems straight away with this group of players?


No but he needs to figure out some stuff a bit fast. I was okay with him giving a chance to everybody and see how it goes but so far he is sticking with his guys.


3 games. If we are seeing the same issues later this season, the complaints will have more validity.


I agree.

Three games is enough - Emery out.



Nope. I would stick with him till the end of the season. Then a serious discussion of where we stand should be placed. If we show promise then stick with the guy all the way. If not, Zidane seems to be slated to take Allegri’s job so we have a guy we can go to.
Still, if we keep this car crash football my heart will go. It was bad enough away last year but at Emirates too is just too much.