Unai Emery


Are you under the impression that this forum is your personal playground or something? Just in case you are I’ll make it quite clear. It’s not.

What is quite clear to you is how much you are getting on other people’s tits with your Aleti bullshit. If it was funny and people were getting a laugh out of it that’d be fine but it’s not and it’s clearly affecting plenty of other people’s enjoyment of the place. Intentional trolling has always been against the rules and if someone is doing it then that’s something we can control here.

You say you’re doing it because “the level of discourse” isn’t what you’re after. There’s nothing we can do about that and if you think we all have the time to be trying to generate content that interests you then you’re sadly mistaken. You haven’t even posted in your own attempt on a thread that encourages such talk in 4 months so you don’t even practice what you preach ffs.

If you really don’t support Arsenal anymore that’s fine but other club supporting WUMs almost always end up banned.

Choice is yours about how you go about your future posting on here.


Well, didn’t remember Wenger speaking in this way. He was all about “mental strength” and “desire”.


Put him in his place. Finally.


He is yet to win against him, right?


I’d hate to see him banned tbh. I tend to ignore the Athleti nonsense. People don’t need to take banter too seriously on a football forum. Especially when it comes from part of the furniture.


I think its time to make the execution. Let it happen mods :giroud3:


@AbouCuellar on OA these days:


He is spoiling a very very good forum .
How do you become an ‘ex’ Arsenal supporter .
Arsenal are for life , through thick and thin .
He criticises and trolls for some sexual pleasure. There are some brilliant posters on here yet one is ruining it .


I have nothing against some nice trolling from time to time. But its just getting out of hand regarding @AbouCuellar. Its gotten to the point where we spent more time reacting to his trolling than discussing the mighty Arsenal.

A 1 month timeout is not too much to ask for. It will hopefully give him the required time to get his mental state sorted and decide if he wants to continue his obvious trolling or contribute like a normal poster on this magnificent forum.


The issue with AC is that he is undoubtedly a very good poster. In fact there was a point in time when he was actually one of my favoured posters on here.

It’s a shame to see him spend as much time trolling as he does because he’s legitimately someone who adds a lot of value to the forum.

It’s a situation where I’d much prefer it if he dropped the not particularly funny Atletico stuff and went back to being a very good poster. I’ve always especially appreciated the insight he gives into Spanish football too. That kind of stuff is priceless for the quality of posting on the forum.


That’s a bit Arsene Wenger-ish :wink: ie I hope it’s not to late for AC because his first years here were great!


He can still get a season ticket at Wanda.


An in-form RvP (who was injured a lot I think) + an in-form Adebayor (who got 30 goals that season, 24 in the league) is a better combination than Auba+Laca.


Why? It’s banter.
Is there a rule that people can’t take the piss out of Arsenal for little laugh?


God the audacity.
You guys along with few others I won’t name collectively acted very condescending to others with regards to what the bunch of you agreed or disagreed with others.

And you guys won’t even explain your stance and simply would go ‘lol look at this guy Cunning, look at this guy Burgundy, he thinks so and so is better…lol’


You are so fucking sensitive.
You are very epitome of this trigger generation, calling racism when there isn’t one.
Luca is 10 times less sensitive than you.


If something is racist it’s racist. Just because you don’t agree with it doesn’t mean it isn’t racist.

But tbh you’re a raging misogynist amongst many other things so I’m not surprised you’re quick to call everyone in today’s world sensitive for getting upset at blatant discriminatory behaviour and/or remarks.

People with an attitude like yours are the real problem in this world.


Yeah, that’s not true. Context is everything. The n word in a rap song is very different than the n word in another context, to use the obvious example. Same as informing someone that the word p… is what is used to refer to 24 hr stores in Barcelona, lol, as opposed to calling someone it or using it in another context. Or, of course, words that happen to be cognates across languages. :grimacing:

I’ve never said anything racist on this forum, (because, well, I’m not racist, and have zero complexes/insecurities about myself and the issue of racism), unless you clearly have an issue with telling sarcasm/jokiness/irony/self-ironising from being serious, which, tbh, turns out to be pretty much everyone here. And re: Trion’s comment, and given TSC’s age, and his simplistic interpretation of the Suárez incident/inability to see that I was actually taking the piss about of myself/my own country/the racism in my own country in our exchanges, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a bit of truth to it, tbh. Not that I really want to endorse anything @Trion says, sorry buddy :grimacing:

Not saying this to be a dick, more just to say thanks, but I honestly think @Craigie is maybe the only or one of the 2 or 3 people here who actually got the schtick behind my humour. The funny thing is a large part of the time I was making fun of myself/taking the piss out of myself, but it’s telling it flew over the majority of heads.

Anyways, I’ve worn out my welcome, and frankly there’s very few posters who interest me left around here. There’s a reason why this is the only internet interaction I engage in, and why it took me so long to convince myself to do it in the first place, and it’s time to start getting rid of what’s become a bit of a nasty, unproductive addiction. Really just wanted to use it to through this past couple weeks, anyways, as it was important due to life circumstances. Ta ta :slight_smile:


The worst thing on this forum isn’t AC saying things that wind people up it’s the circle jerk of people being wound up. Stop bitching and complaining or block him. Coming into every thread and and seeing 8 people slinging their tampons ATM.


You can’t block other users