Unai Emery


Where’s the Madrid ?
You know , the weakest Madrid team :rofl:


Banter going to the next level now :fire::fire::fire::arrow_heading_up::up:


You could say pre-season friendly :grin:


Still good enough to knock you boys out of your only chance at CL :wink:

Not to mention more CL finals and semifinals in the last 5 years than your sorry little club in all its history :grimacing:


Abou Diaby didn’t play for ‘Mi Atleti’. :laca::giroud3:


La Liga is a pub league on par with the Scottish Premier league
Barca - Rangers
Celtic - Real Madrid
Aberdeen- Athletico Madrid .
Athletico just a team of spoilers with no expectations, occasionally getting a big result. Who cares
No more than Wrexham catching Arsenal on a bad day.


I wonder how much longer we’ll indulge you saying shit like this out and out trolling. Probably not that much longer in fairness.


One of the great sadnesses of Diaby’s career, and that is saying something, in what was a career marked by a tragic squandering of one of the game’s biggest, most graceful, most beautiful, most elegant, most resplendent, most wondrous talents. No doubt, if such tragic misfortune had not struck brother Abou, Cholo would’ve made sure he dressed as a rojiblanco before the end of his career, as it is only natural that the best midfielder in the game would pass through mi Atléti (:heart:), and mi Calderón (:heart:).

Why can’t an Atléti fan/former Arsenal fan expound his viewpoints on this forum, Sham?


OA has always had a clear rule about intentional trolling, but the choice is made not to enforce it the majority of the time, because none of the staff actually wants to ban a long standing user. But every now and then someone pushes it too far on a way too consistent basis and people feel basically compelled to act.

Essentially, acting like a total prick breeds contempt.


You guys should probably lighten up a bit. It’s like a Stalinist state around here, any time people’s delicate sensibilities get offended it’s out with the ban or ban threats. Meanwhile, the best posters are constantly driven away by the declining level of discourse, which goes hand in hand with not offending delicate sensibilities.


Unbelievable that you’ve got the nerve to talk about declining levels of discourse with the volumes of shit that you’ve been talking lately.

You were once a quality poster. Recently I think you’ve just been acting like a wanker. To be blunt that’s how I feel. If it ever comes down to a decision about whether you’ll be banned I’ll recuse myself, so you’ve got nothing to fear from me.


Maybe if you’re seriously blind to the difference between earnest discussion and (rather obvious, I would think) self-satirising, or just thick as fuck. Tbf, that covers a good % of the forum. I wouldn’t think it covers you but tbh there have been times where you’ve seemed to be oblivious to the difference mentioned above.



It worries me how often you like to call other people thick. How many times now have you made a post referring the stupidity of “most of the forum”? It’s very telling.


Despite your intentions of your ‘jokes’ being seen as exactly that, I think it would be best if you would dial it down from time to time, so everyone is happy (to an extent) so you don’t get banned.

As Jakey said, you can be a quality poster when you want to be, and while the blatant wumming doesn’t get to me, it does seem to get to a lot of other users and that’s understandable tbh. It’s also understandable that that kind of thing is frowned upon here.

I don’t mean to intrude between you and the mods issue, but basically I’d like for you to stick around so I thought I’d say that.


Shut the fuck up, the good posters have been driven away because of allowing pointless stupid trolls in OA, not because like you they want to speak shit and have the occasional racist tirade.



With all due respect, TSC, you don’t really have a clue. I’ve seen a lot more good posters come and go than you have, and when the quality of poster/discourse was higher here–that is, when there was actual football discussion to be had and a good poster was not an oasis–no one saw me obviously winding people up and being a troll on purpose. As I said to CunningLinguist a ways back when he was complaining to me via PM about the number of cunts/level of conversation on the forum, it’s the only thing that’s really left to do. Meanwhile, there’s always been pointless trolls/idiots regularly posting around here, so it’s fair to say that’s not the causal variable…

Anyways, if there isn’t a) decent football discussion or b) at least a laugh to be had with people who don’t take themselves so seriously, I don’t see what there is really.

@Electrifying I recognise I’ve taken it too far winding people up, but at least trying for the b) option–or at the very least entertaining myself–is really all that’s left. Hard to engage in serious discussion with people that aren’t really equipped for it, and trying to do so is really counter-productive and just drags the level of discussion down further, by dropping yourself to that level. My suggestion to the mods is and has been to focus on that core problem–that is, think about how to promote actually stimulating discourse, and not humour idiotic discourse, which is of course counter-productive to the former–rather than on worrying about a few ruffled feathers.


Sherry anyone??


You make a valid point; discourse seems to vanish when posters don’t agree on a topic, that the majority agrees on.

Personally I am well aware that you’ve trolling people about emery, the moment people essentially told you to put up and shut up.

Looking at the transfer window there is nothing that’s not the usual Arsenal; Wenger left transfer followers the same pattern; a few stop gaps a long term and one or two youth.