Unai Emery


Christ! It was always gonna be difficult. Did we have to keep Wenger?



As for the bolded, it’s a comfort to know I’m not the only one who’s seeing Arsenal fans Liverpool fan-itis.

No. We had to fire Wenger long ago, and hire someone better than the Basque Brendan Rodgers.


Yeah , like the no experience Arteta you wanted .
You are a prize prick


This “you wanted inexperienced Arteta so how can you dislike experienced Emery” argument doesn’t really work IMO.

The difference between the two is that we don’t know what Arteta can do – he could be a football manager genius for all we know. But we do know that Emery is not a footballing genius.

When the known is uninspiring, the unknown can sometimes be the better option. For example, i’d rather eat something I’ve never tasted before rather than something I know i’m not keen on.


So you wanted an unproven manager like Arteta. It would have been even worse.


I wanted a lotttt of people before Basque BRod or actual BRod. And yes, my asian friend does a nice job explaining the simple logic behind why I would’ve preferred Arteta, too.


Here’s logic for you
Take your negativity and fuck off .


The big names weren’t really available so that’s what you get.


How very Liverpool fan of you! :joy:

Also, the delicious irony of you trying to pass for MrBigSpuds all of a sudden lol.

No, no, that is not what you get, Luca. Better options abounded. Including the one Chelsea hired a month later.


But Sarri is in for a tough season at Chelsea as well.


Your a cunt


The thing is, no matter however knowledgeable we think we are, absolutely no one can know how Emery or Sarri will get on. Personally I’m glad we have Emery, as I think he was the better option of the two, he was certainly a better option than Arteta.

I’ll be behind him and the team, and heres hoping for a great season…


Look, I’m getting pretty fed up. Can people either engage @AbouCuellar in a debate about his views, find witty way to dismiss his views or simply ignore him.

Tired of people just saying “fuck off” and calling him a cunt. Even if that’s how people feel, we know you dislike him, up your game or give it a rest.



Honestly though, the hipsters hate Emery but many of the managers they love aren’t always successful.

Let’s see.


We should be getting behind Emery , he made some interesting signings in this window . The backroom staff has be overhauled. This is an exciting time yet someone is hell bent on negativity. This is an exciting time . We forgot how very stale we had become under Wenger .
Let’s get behind Emery .


Liked for consistent positive enthusiasm about Emery


I remind you that you hated Emery too before he suddenly signed for Arsenal :wink:

re: the second part of the sentence I never asked for guaranteed success. I asked for some hope. Some hope, not only that the manager could be a success, but that those running the club weren’t clueless, ballsless cowards. Hiring Emery killed both of those possibilities. As I said the day of the hiring-- yes, the news was terrible, but the worse part was what the news confirmed; we are run by incompetents. That was and continues to be the saddest part for me, because Emery is temporary, our upper management is not.


How has Emery killed any expectations ?


But if he feels negatively about Emery then he’s free to express that, people don’t have some sort of obligation to pretend they feel differently just to please other members of the forum.

If he strays from giving his opinion to be too trolly then it will be dealt with mate, but until then, he can say what he wants.

I’m minded to try and be positive, but with the way this window has gone and looks likely to conclude, I don’t actually feel much like I’ve got big reasons to be positive.

Not everyone feels the same way about things.


JB - point taken .
We’ve got to get behind any new regime here . This is one of the greatest clubs in the world and we need to get back to the helm of English football .
Im lucky or unlucky enough to remember the very dull times under oNeill and Howe , trust me at times it was numbing !
This is an exciting new era .