Unai Emery


Replace “clubs” with “country” and 'English football" with “world power” and nationalist politicians the world over would be proud. :wink:




The irony of the former Arsene detractors and constant negativity merchants, suddenly being hopeful and then getting triggered af at someone being negative is truly delicious. :joy::joy::joy: Go on @AbouCuellar :grin::grin:


man I kinda agree, I find him an underwhelming appointment but I’ll be getting behind him and hope he shows something better than he did at PSG and more what he showed at Sevilla which had you wanting him as Arsenal manager instead of Wenger




Jake asked you nicely, I’m now straight out telling you, if you just keep name calling like this you’ll be taking some time off from the forum.

I find ac tremendously boring on Emery. I therefore don’t read his posts with a serious mindset. His mind is made up so better to just accept that and @ him when we win the league or something.


Ehh, like I said, I didn’t really do too much investigation into his actual work at Sevilla, basically just made a superficial recommendation based on a) working under a moneyball guy like Monchi b) being rigorous in tactical preparation (which of course doesn’t have any direct relationship with being good). His record at Sevilla really isn’t that impressive. I wouldn’t read too much into a few throwaway posts from a time where I had a dearth of ideas for a manager to replace Wenger with and just picked a name that superficially checked the boxes.


Monchi at Roma has struggled so far this summer, so I disagree that the success at Sevilla was all down to him.

But I agree, we both have our doubts, so just got to see how it plays out.


Even if it wasn’t–I would suggest that for a sporting director, who is working mostly with structural changes, you should probably wait 2-4 years before judging the results (and it’s quite possible that Monchi simply isn’t as ahead of the game as he was 5 years ago, things move fast in football, like any business, and the guys who have figured out a competitive edge on their competitors can later be surpassed, especially as sporting directors I think)–the record at Sevilla isn’t that good anyways, so…


I can’t judge Emery well before at least 6 months so just give him time FFS!


True, Valencia was arguably better.

I’ll be giving a year or so. I agree with many of your criticisms of him, but it does get a little outrageous when you say he is more defensive than Mourinho.

That’s just not true. I think the Basque BRod comparisons you’re making now are a bit closer to the truth (minus ‘BRod’ s David Brent weird personality away from the pitch though)


This. I was as underwhelmed as much as Cuellar with the signing of Emery. I wanted Arsenal show some fucking teeth and get a major player. Fuck Arteta I wanted a splashy hire. Nagelsmann, Sarri, or El Cholo. We needed to go get someone. No point in crying over spilt milk tho. What’s done is done and he gets his opportunity now to do more with less. If he can get us top 4 and be competitive against other top clubs I’ll give him my vote of confidence. If he performs anything like Wenger’s last season and no trophies, I’ll be baying for blood as bad as AC is now, probably even worse.


Why this guy, he has won fuck all in his career but Emery has but apparently Emery is the shit signing. I bet if we got Sarri everyone would be saying if chavski got emery ‘we get a manager that plays the same sorta football as wenger and has won nothing we are going fucking backwards as a club’


By this kind of logic Wenger is better than Emery.


Yeah I gotta agree. It’s like making the argument that Wenger > Poch. I can go and make that argument if you’d like? :grin:


We know you can, but please don’t :cech:


Guess Pep knows him better than us.


oh but no, pep will just be taking the piss out of him a snide way to the press he doesnt mean it it will be a mind game.


He achieved something unique in European football, three Europa Leagues in a row.

Top bants from Pep


The resident dullards–wizards and irritable ol’ codgers alike–here might be saying this, but yeah, other than that…

What is this crap about give him time and now that he’s here I’ll give him a year that you and others basically take as gospel? It stands to logic that if he does well we will change our opinion of him, what does that have to do with talking about him right now, with what we know about him right now? Imagine if we applied this same logic to anything else in football; like I said, no one was saying, when City hired Pep or Liverpool Klopp, “ah, I think this guy is a great manager but I’m gonna wait a year to see how he does before I say so, give him time.” If we apply this kind of strange logic to everything basically everything we say on this forum is pointless to say, because, well, you gotta wait a year to express an opinion on anything! So with that said, on the 1st of February 2019 I’ll let you guys know if I think Giroud is a top striker, since he just moved to a different club and gotta wait out that 1 yr statute of limitations! Until then who could say if he’s a top striker or not? Too close to call, gotta wait that year!!

@Luca_from_Italy proof of the Catalan-Basque conspiracy, that.