Unai Emery


We’re still run by the same cunts who kept one of the most incompetent managers in recent history around until 2018. Those same cunts (Kroenkes and Gazidis) hired the other two cunts (three Fideaús a day + Fraud MISSintat) who would seem to be running the club with them atm, and with those cunts they hired the mediocre cunt who is now our manager (Emery). There’s a reason it all feels similar, because the ones who are ultimately in charge are still incompetent (Bald Cunt + ignorant yanks).


Damn, it’s like talking to Ben Kingsley. But, yeah, I get ya.


Oh fucking bore off already.


He is an Atletico fan, tbh.


I get that the way that he’s putting it might be annoying, but he’s not wrong. Our recruiting has had, apart from Guendouzi, the same kind of uninspiring feel too it.


I’d say Guendouzi and Torreira tbh. I’m willing to give Sven the benefit of the doubt because our squad is so mediocre and we’ve had such a bad transfer policy for such a long period, realistically that’s not going to be fixed overnight.




He’s a fucking twat


I think that is being mean to twats the world over.


That’s true , some are useful.


You are really entertaining. I don’t think you mean to be so funny, but you are.


Funny as in haha or funny in the head?


Oh my, the abuse! :hushed:


The air conditioning is to funny as what Everest is to the Mariana trench.


You are to intelligent what Everest is to the Mariana trench, my thick Wizard friend :joy:


Still here? :xhaka:


Don’t worry bud
Once Manchester United get back to winning ways Artetas love child will be spouting his bile on their forums .


Pack the handbags in gentlemen.


The next alarm could sound on the field this Sunday afternoon. Managerial debuts don’t get much harder than a tie against champions Manchester City, who humiliated the Gunners three times last season. Then come trips to Chelsea, Cardiff and Newcastle. These will present a challenge for Emery, who once managed an entire season in Spain without an away win in La Liga.

Whenever it comes, it’ll be fascinating to see how Gunners fans react to Emery’s first bad run. So far, they have been enormously positive and welcoming. Having called for so long for Wenger to go, and promising they would back any successor – any successor! – to the hilt, they are blessing Emery with almost sarcastically high levels of approval.

It looks and feels like the ‘rebound’ effect you sometimes get when, after leaving a long-term relationship, you fall into the arms of an exciting new partner. At first everything seems perfect; your new squeeze seems to be everything that your former flame was not. But as you continue dating, reality sets in.


Personally I cannot see that boardroom takeovers should effect a teams performance especially the first home game of the season but under Emery’s first official game in charge. Its made worse by media activity and ex footballers fuelling speculation to make themselves heard once again .
These are highly paid professionals who have a mind set to dismiss off the field activities.
As you were guys
Roll on Sundays game .!