Unai Emery


Wenger’s fault for that lineup but also a testament to his management that we managed to be competitive with that at the time.

Walcott probably overstayed for like 3-4 seasons




Thank bro. It’s a big fight against that Atletico troll backed by that scottish guy, but i won’t give up.


You have my support buddy. Keep fighting bruv ! :muscle:


Yeah Luca those two guys troll you relentlessly. Mods can’t we ban ppl for excessive trolling?


Let’s be honest here an Athletico supporter who thinks Arteta would make a good manager but even worse a pathetic prick who hides behind an Abou Diaby picture is a complete out and out vagina .
Abou Diaby … lmfao


Stfu. We don’t need your help to mod the place thanks.


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Keep Abou out of this


Hopefully king Unai is gonna shut them up soon. I have high hopes for him.


You Reckon, Unai could Win the EPL and Europa in his first season here and it would be ‘just luck’ or Manager XYZ would have won the treble with more style and panache and with a bigger margin. :xhaka:


I am fully behind our guy now, but can’t help feel we might have missed an opportunity (assuming he was even available to us)…


Not to worry, I suspect the next managerial appointment will be someone in this vein. The Board went conservative/lost their nerve depending on how you want to look at it with this go around.


Guy who insisted Wenger was better than Klopp for the last few years talking about trolling :rofl:


Boring shit troll zzzzzzzz


Posted without a hint of irony, I’m sure…


Does nobody else think he is obviously joking? lol


This is beginning to smell like a very Wenger summer. One of our best players potentially on his way out on transfer deadline day for a cut price deal without a replacement in mind.

Roger Daltrey said it best. “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”


Who? Ramsey?


Yeah, i dunno. Just got a bad feeling about the whole thing