Unai Emery


This is my issue too. I honestly wouldn’t have signed Leno and put the money towards a winger. Lack of activity on that end bothers me considering our forward options


Considering the amount of players who could be shipped out it is still an option, as per usual there are all sorts of rumours linking us to wide players with Bailey being the latest.

There’s a good amount of options out there and there’s not much excuse for us not to make an effort to sign one of them.
We don’t have a single legitimate wide player barring Nelson in the squad, it’s nonsensical.




We have one world class striker and 1 good striker, no quality LW, so it will be standard Arsenal shoehorning players in an unbalanced squad.


Emery apparently loves to rotate like Benitez did, so I wouldn’t get too worried lads.


Can he make a sub before the last 20 minutes? :thinking:


What happened to that Mark Lamarr guy we were gonna sign from Monaco last season? Cheeky bid needed?


He’s off to Atleico for £52mil.

Still boggles the mind that Wenger was prepared to part with £92mil for him :mkhi:


I think he’s going back to presenting Never Mind The Buzzcocks :grinning:



We are gonna sign Neymar. You know him and Emery get along well :unai:


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