Unai Emery


Mufasa isn’t called Mustafa either :eyes:





this behnchode better get the best out of Ozil next season. I swear.


Jahahahaha benchodh


Decent insight into Arsenal’s training sessions, by the looks of it, there’s a high chance of playing auba and laca in the same starting line up.




It makes sense. Lacazette’s currently one of our best eleven players.

Our front 4 used to be Giroud, Podolski, Cazorla and Walcott. Now it’s potentially Lacazette, Aubameyang, Ozil and Mkhitaryan and I can’t say I’m unhappy with any of that.

Lacazette may not be to everyone’s taste but it’s pretty clear that there’s enough in those four players to score and make goals.

Emery was always going to be the deciding factor.


Think we’re going to see Chambers step up this season, I’ve little doubt he can prove many of his doubters wrong.

Interesting that we may see Auba and Laca feature together regularly, they struck up quite a good understanding last season.

The stuff about pressing is to be expected, doing so as a team will alleviate a lot of pressure and is something that is the bread and butter of the best teams.


We’re going to be playing a high intensity press, increasing the number of sprits the players do per match?

It makes no sense to play Laca and Auba. Take Laca out of the side and we’re not struggling for goals. Would be poor squad management if we saw them starting often.


This is maybe why we kept Perez ánd Welbeck at the club. Two ‘authentic’ forwards even if Welbeck can’t score a goal to save his life.


Squad management is all theoretical at this stage.

Aubameyang is arguably our best player. He’s playing every game that matters, regardless of his position, so there is likely to be little management of his condition. So whether Lacazette or Iwobi or Xhaka or Ramsey are on the pitch at the same time as him, it shouldn’t really matter.


What does Laca and Auba have to do with pressing? And where is this idea that we’re going to be playing a high intensity press coming from? Emery is a pragmatist, a game to game tactician, like Mourinho, we’re not talking about a Poch or a Klopp or even a Rodgers or Sarri here. Laca can easily keep up with the intensity of Emery’s press–which will really likely only be at home against lower opposition–and anyways, not sure where the idea that he’d be a less effective presser than Mkhitaryan or Özil would come from in the first place, either. Actually his chasing down of opponents and winning the ball back in Wenger’s non-existent press was something that impressed me.


Very wide of the mark :roll_eyes:

I’m not questioning his ability to press effectively lol


Really don’t get this argument that it doesn’t make sense to play them together.

With both of them in the team we have two bona fide goal scorers, if Emery can make it work why not? Because we need Laca for the bench? I actually find that laughable tbh.

Sure ideally we would have two specialist wide players in tandem with Auba but the squad is what it is, don’t think there’s any desire to offload Laca and so it’s worthwhile to see if he can fit alongside Auba.


Ah, apologies, I didn’t read the posts above. I see now why you were talking about pressing and that they were separate comments.



Such a stupid thought. We have two great strikers. They both should start


That a pretty stupid argument too.


That’s the thing though if they’re playing together Emery doesn’t see Laca as a back up but rather an important part of the starting XI

If we were to get a quality winger to play LW then I wouldn’t mind Laca as the designated back up but thats not necessarily going to happen and if they can play together so be it, you play Auba wide and interchanging or solely up top it still results in tons of goals.